Reading Session / Talk Book Launch

Investigating collective healing after war Diala Brisly

vr 06–10–2023

16:00 uur t/m 18:00 uur

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam

INSPIRE Festival Week

In this informal book launch, visual artist Diala Brisly and researcher Cindy Horst have a conversation about the books they recently published. They will talk about the story behind their books, what motivated them to create it, what inspired the idea, how working on the book impacted you, and what they hope the reader will take away from reading it.  

Im klassenzimmer der diktatur by Diala Brisly is a graphic novel which tells the story of how, for both the Assad regime and ISIS, education plays a central role in totalitarian ideology and practice in Syria. Diala Brisly has collaborated with Bassel Alhamdo and Frederik Richter on this book project.

Creative resistance. The social justice practices of Monirah, Halleh, and Diala by Cindy Horst tells the stories of three women who, as artists and academics, challenge social injustices they witness – in Afghanistan, Iran and Syria as well as Sweden, the Netherlands and France.

In a two-month INSPIRE residency at the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, a small group of international artists and researchers have investigated the role of art in collective healing from war-related trauma. Diala Brisly, Cindy Horst, Daria Pugachova and Khalid Shatta have collectively created a space to explore the results of this residency at several locations in Rotterdam. The group of artists and researchers aims to exchange with and learn from audiences in their final festival week. Find all public events on the INSPIRE website