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Mawil Mawil was born as Markus Witzel in 1976. From 1996 to 2002, he studied at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin and was awarded the ICOM Independent Comic Prize in 2004 for his thesis ‘We Can Still Be Friends’ (‘Wir können ja Freunde bleiben’). Together with Jens Harder and Ulli Lust, he was a founding member of the artists’ collective - Monogatari. In 2014, he received the Max & Moritz Prize for ‘Kinderland’. He was the first German graphic artist to produce a Lucky Luke comic, ‘Lucky Luke Switches Saddles’, which appeared in 2019.

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For me, the difference between travel photography and travel drawing is...
"... in a photograph – in contrast to a drawing – you can never capture everything that you consider important in that particular moment. The people, the atmosphere, the panorama, the music in the background, the insider or running gags during the trip."

When I draw...
"... I am only halfway approachable/deeply immersed."

On my ‘travels’ I have been inspired, above all... 
"... by the drawings of my old friend Tobias. Unfortunately, he never became an artist. I mean, he is still an artist but has another job."

I still want to travel...
"... further east and paste exotic beer labels in my book alongside my sketches."

My travel literature on my next trip will include...
"... no cell phone. It’s much too distracting."

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