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Tim Dinter

Tim Dinter Born on 17 March 1971 in Hamburg, Germany, some of Tim Dinter’s growing-up years were spent in London and Brussels. In 1987, he started studying Bande Dessinée at the Ecole des Arts in Brussels, followed by a course in communication design at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin in 1994. Dinter was a member of the comic art collective, Monogatari. His most recent works are the graphic novel ‘Der Flaneur’ (The Flâneur), an adaptation of the novel ‘Herr Lehmann’ by Sven Regener, and ‘Lästermaul & Wohlstandskind’, a collection of Berlin stories.

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The difference between travel photography and travel drawing...
"... travel photographs are an important basis for my work; travel drawings are always good for engaging more closely with an unknown place. Drawing on the spot can prevent you from talking to the locals because drawing is a lengthy process during which you are isolated. For me, personal contact is much more important to gain an understanding and acquire subject matter. I think of drawings as more of sketches that are important for the process ahead. But the actual work, the finished, presentable work, is done after the trip is over."

When I draw... 
"... I connect with the place. After the first set of sketches, I develop a deeper, more familiar perspective that helps produce a good drawing of the typical characteristics of a place. Initially, it is easy to be dazzled, impressed, just like any other visitor after a first look around; all that of course soon dissipates."

On my ‘travels’, I have been inspired above all by...
"... the drawings of Lustal, Olivier Kugler, Evan Hecox and Nicolas de Crécy."

I would still like to go... 
"... to Tokyo or Cairo, but at the moment I’m pretty happy not to travel too much and to spend more time at home with my family."

My reading for my next trip will include... 
"... researching with Wikipedia and Google."

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