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Anna Wolowik

Anna Wolowik © Anna Wolowik Anna Volovik is an illustrator and graphic artist from Kaliningrad. In 2016, her graphic novel What Colour is the Snow? won an award in the Best Graphic Novel category at the BigFest comic book festival. She also won the 2017 prize for Best Graphic Novel (Jakow) awarded by the publisher Boomfest. Tux, a graphic novel about the childhood of Linus Torvalds appeared in 2019 (in: Neighbour – An Anthology of Russian and Finnish Comics).

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For me, the difference between travel photography and travel drawing is...
"... lies in the attention you pay. You need to study a building, a fountain or a human being carefully before you can draw them. Spend more time than usual. This close study enables me to notice several details, internalize the moment better – meditation, in principle. However, I also enjoy taking photographs."

When I draw...
"... I listen to podcasts and audio books."

Inspirations on my ‘travels’ have been, above all...
"... freedom, adventure and beauty. These are always easier to notice when travelling."

I would still like to...
"... see the pandemic come to an end, borders re-open. That one can travel again and have no fear of crowds."

My reading for my next trip will include...
"... I’ll take nothing with me. I go to a bookstore in an unknown city and buy new books there. That’s more exciting."

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