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April 2020

At home with the Digital Kinderuniversity

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Dear students and friends of the Digital Kinderuniversity,
In times of the coronavirus we try to spend most of our time at home. Why not use this time for something exciting – learn and practice German! In this special newsletter issue we collected the latest Kinderuni news for you.
We are very pleased to inform that this fall a variety of new lectures will be available on the learning platform in the faculties of Humankind, Nature and Technology. Additionally, we are working on optimizing the platform so that you can also do your Kinderuni studies on a tablet and/or smartphone.
Together with you, there are already over 45,000 young Kinderuni students worldwide. We are currently preparing the opening of the Kinderuni to Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and French speaking countries as well as to India and Indonesia.
If you have already completed all lectures, we invite you to join us in the most extraordinary lecture hall in the galaxy – the JuniorUni space station! Here you will find answers to fascinating questions in the faculties of Robotics, Air and Space, Technologies, Natural Sciences as well as Energy and Sustainability.
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Your Kinderuni Teams

For online lessons

Lectures on teaching topics

What topic are you talking about in German right now? We have prepared a list of recommendations on which Kinderuni lectures are suitable for specific topics from German textbooks and can be used as additional material.

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Online lesson with Digital Kinderuniversity

With the Kinderuniversity you can play, tinker, watch the videos and learn German together while being far apart. For teachers who are interested in online lessons, we offer learning scenario on the topic “Heart symbol” in the form of an online conference.



Kinderuni im Koffer
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Experiments related to the Kinderuni

We have compiled a list of experiments related to discoveries and inventions of prominent German scientists. Using the study book and methodical guide, parents can carry out some of the experiments with their children at home, for example the one about the structure of the eye, creating play dough from starch or an experiment about reactive driving force. Please note that these experiments are currently only available in German.

Professor Einstein
© Goethe-Institut / KIDS interactive

Also in English

Since 2019, you can watch the lectures of the Digital Kinderuni not only in German but also in English. You can also turn on German or English subtitles for each lecture! This was made possible with our colleagues in the USA developing an English version of the Kinderuni platform.

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