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Black History Month

The month of February is known as Black History Month (BHM). 2022, the Goethe-Institut Kigali is contributing to the global project for the first time.

Sustainable Together Logo © Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

Sustainable Together

The regional project Subsahara Africa: Sustainable together aims to initiate and support projects to increase the visibility of sustainability and achieve improvements in life quality of life through environmental progress, including local actors of civil society, artists, scientists and people of any other profession.

Boosting Shoots #2 - beans Goethe Institut

Boosting Shoots #2

​The Goethe-Institut Kigali launches a second call for the *Boosting Shoots* grants!
We were very happy that the 10 projects created following the first call were diverse and audacious. And we were super excited to receive so many reactions from our online audience!

Artwork Sarah Wenzinger und Alla Popp Alla Popp/Sarah Wenzinger

Residency - Digital arts and environment

The two artists Sarah Wenzinger und Alla popp have been invited by Goethe Institut Kigali in cooperation with Rwanda Arts Initiative to stay in Kigali for an artist residency of two months.

Still - Breaking Ground - formatiert © Ines Girihirwe

Power in Constraints - Premiere of two Rwandan short films

In cooperation with the Swiss Cooperation and the Rwanda Arts Initiative, two Rwandan Shorts were premiered at the Goethe-Institut Kigali on 28th January 2020. The movies were produced in the film-workshop "Power in Constraints" by the awarded Rwandan filmmakers Samuel Ishimwe and Philbert Aimé Mbabazi.

Power in Constraints workshop Goethe Institut

Power in Constraints workshop - Remove all the rules

Samuel Ishimwe and Philbert Aimé Mbabazi are currently mentoring eight young Rwandan scriptwriters in a film-workshop named “Power in Constraints” from 13.01-28.01.2020 at the Goethe-Institut Kigali, in which they are working on the possibilities of Independent Filmmaking.

Outline of a head. Inside the head many colourful segments with English writing in them like Togetherness, Solidarity, Social Distancing. © Kitty Kahane


A virus is showing us how globally networked and yet how fragile our public life is. What does the pandemic mean to and for each of us and for society as a whole?

Here are some responses from intellectuals and artists around the world with regard to our present predicament and what lies in store for us afterwards.

The title Kulturama.digital is shown against a blue-white-orange background including the following objects: glasses, an eye and a mouth. Illustration: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut


Kulturama brings international culture into your living room: house concerts live from Buenos Aires, puppet theatre from the kitchen or live acts from the Berlin club scene. Organisers enter their events and open them to international audiences. Spectators can find dates and support artists with donations.