Grantees 2023

Earlier this year we published two calls for applications - one for projects and one for exhibitions. We received many interesting and innovative applications, so together with an external jury, we made a diverse selection of projects and exhibitions, that will be executed in cooperation with the institute in the coming months.


Project Grantees 

Gewinner*innen Projekte 1 Photos: © Bareth, Mimi, Khald Steve Shema and Marie Agnes Ntibwirizwa Irakiza, Chockie Grace

Bareth and Mimi: Bareth and Mimi are producing a theatre piece that empowers children to deal with their emotions. It also addresses conflicts between children and adults.

Khald Steve Shema and Marie Agnes Ntibwirizwa Irakiza: Steve and Agnes are producing a film project about drug abuse. The visual artist and the medical student address the topic from the professional and the artistic side.

Chockie Grace: Grace is producing a dance-poetry short film about awareness of emotion and verbal abuse. The project reflects on the feelings, thoughts and pain of an affected person.

Gewinner*inne Projekte 2 Photos: © Jean-Jules Irakoze, Amuri Patel, Samuel Iradukunda and Cedric Rusakiza, Nina Salim

Jean-Jules Irakoze: Jules is producing a dance and theatre performance to showcase the challenges of the post-genocide generation and create space and dialogue.

Amuri Patel: Amuri is producing a 2D animation film about the true story of the brave Salima. It picks up Rwandan history and aims to motivate.

Samuel Iradukunda and Cedric Rusakiza: Samy and Cedric are producing a music performance including traditional African rhythms and drums from around the world, hence the name "I met with the rhythm".

Nina Salim: Nina is producing a devised theatre piece. She will use different methods such as music, poetry and non-verbal communication to raise awareness for feminism.

Exhibition Grantees

Grantees exhibitions Photos: © Abdoul Mujyambere, Myriam U. Birara, Maximilien Kolbe, Timothy Wandulu
Abdoul Mujyambere: Abdoul's exhibition will be a combination of different disciplines. Showcasing his photography projects and other artistic work.

Myriam U. Birara: What is beauty? The exhibition of Myriam's paintings will deal with the concept of beauty and the pressure it puts on African/ Rwandan women. 

Maximilien Kolbe: Kolbe is curating an exhibition on "Circular Approaches to Sustainable Style". He wants to raise awareness for brands that are successfully participating in the circular (fashion) economy.

Timothy Wandulu: Timothy's exhibition aims to initiate social dialogue around the history of Rwanda from the 1890s to the present. It is based on archival research and documents in the form of archival photos, written texts, artefacts and fabrics.

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