Emmanuel Come Mugisha

Emmanuel Come Mugisha in Köln_formatiert
© Emmanuel Come Mugisha

After a successful presentation at the A MAZE. / Berlin the creative African network “Enter Africa” had the possibility to present itself on the European gaming stage again. Supported by Goethe-Institutes in Africa, members of the individual “Enter Africa” teams showcased their 15 location-based games at the Gamescom 2019 in Cologne. Emmanuel Come Mugisha was sent by Goethe Institut Kigali and shares his expressions with us.

1. What is so fascinating about Enter Africa?
Enter Africa is a very big deal. It is continental. It is a sophisticated team. Members from various disciplines join minds and hands to be creative. For a fact, Enter Africa was the only African stand at Gamescom 2019.

2. Where is the connection between "Enter Africa" and "ILAGIK"?
"ILAGIK" is Kigali, Rwanda. "Enter Africa" has Rwanda in its synergy. "ILAGIK: Ruganzu the Ranger" is one of the first productions of "Enter Africa". And again, the mega-game "Busara" has fifteen kingdoms of which "ILAGIK" is one. 

3. How did you present your project at the Gamescom?
Different cool ways. We had a stand in the Indie games arena. Honestly, our booth was one of the most eye-catching booths in the area. We had a graphic recorder who was making live drawings of what was happening at our booth. We had at least four people at the booth. Some handing out flyers and stickers, others teaching visitors how to play Busara and other games.

4. What other interesting things did you see/experience at the Gamescom?
Interesting things at Gamescom, wow! They are way too many to list. Airbus simulation game, big and many exhibition halls you can’t walk to in one day, visitors dressed in the game character costumes. Oh, the Germany Airforce booth. It was one of the most astonishing things at Gamescom. And I got some free photographs with scary masks in the photo booth.

5. What memory will you take with you of Cologne?
I am sure I will always be able to feel its chilly morning. And the summer sunset at 9 pm - it is tattooed in my strange memories. I also won’t forget the walk over the padlocked bridge, to the Dom, and along the Rhine with a German friend I had met in Kigali.

ILAGIK: Ruganzo the Ranger