Flockey Ocscor

Flockey Ocscor
© Alex Niragira

DigiTales across Borders - a workshop where artists from Rwanda, Burundi, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Germany and France worked together and created a performance of music, dance and storytelling.
One of them was Flockey Ocscor, a German-Congolese dancer. In the interview he talks about his first experiences on the African continent, the exchange with the different artists and the final show.

It was your first time visiting the African continent. Has it been a special experience for you?

It was very special for me being in Africa for the first time. Already on the first day the feeling was incredibly good.

How was it for you to meet so many different artists? And how did you cooperate?

Meeting the other artists was very interesting because the exchange inspired me a lot. Especially the creation of a performance with different stories, sounds and movements in such a short time was impressed me immensely.

What touched you the most and what stayed in your mind?

Our presentation made me think about how beautiful it was to connect and create something. Kigali stayed in my mind, because the locals had such a positive mind-set.

What do you take with you from Rwanda back to Germany?

The passion for music and dance, but especially the life. I want to follow up with my identity and culture. And of course I take Kigali’s spirit with me!