Film + Director's Talk RAW Chicks.Berlin

Directed by Beate Kunath (2007) | Original version with English/German subtitles, colour, 135 min.
Time for women’s history writing! Director Beate Kunath wants to demonstrate with her documentary film RAW CHICKS.BERLIN the diversity of female producers in electronic music.
Berlin, a melting pot of creatives, attracts artists from all over the world: as well as eleven female music producers, who stand in the spotlight of RAW Chicks.BERLIN. The musical spectrum and multifaceted portraits range from experimental to noise-based electronic and electro-acoustic music. As diverse as the manifold female artists from Italy, Poland, France, Croatia, Japan, Czech Republic, Israel, Spain and Germany are likewise their backgrounds and approaches.

The Director's Talk with Beate Kunath will take place after the screening.
Goethe-Institut | Kiyovu
Free Entrance