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Blended Learning

Learning German together - exciting exchange and individual learning

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  • interactive learning with the teacher
  • independent learning on the virtual learning platform
  • Live Group Sessions

50% live sessions, 50% self-study

With the blended learning format, the advantages of face-to-face teaching are combined with those of virtual learning.

Our blended learning courses are currently taking place entirely online. The presence phases take place as live sessions in Zoom. For the independent learning phases, use the learning platform of the Goethe-Institut. Your teacher will give you an introduction to all relevant tools. The regular terms and conditions apply.

Our offer

Blended Learning A1-A2

  • 6 hours of 45 minutes each
  • approx. 13-16 weeks
  • 3 days per week

Blended Learning B1/B2/C1

  • 6-9 hours of 45 minutes each
  • approx. 11 - 13 weeks
  • 3 days per week

This how it works

Learning platform
You will get access to our online platform where you will find the online part of your chosen course. This online part includes motivating and varied exercises, "flash cards" to practice vocabulary, and summaries of all important grammar structures and phrases that you will learn during the course.

Most online activities are carried out individually. But there are also some task types that are interactive, where you exchange ideas with your study group on the online platform. These group activities include, for example, small texts about your hobbies, interests or upcoming events. You will also take part in group discussions and comment on the texts of your learning partners.

Support from the teacher
Your online tutor gives you weekly training tasks that you can work through flexibly at your own pace within the respective week. These assignments will prepare you for the weekly face-to-face sessions where you will meet with your class.

Online classes in live sessions
You meet your teacher and the other participants in several lessons in your virtual classroom. There, German is specifically practiced.
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