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German for medical professionals

The courses lead the course participants to a B1/B2 level of professional language and enable them to obtain the “Goethe Test Pro Pflege” certificate.

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Pflegefachfrau steht in einem modernen Krankenhaus und lacht in die Kamera. Sie trägt Berufskleidung und ein Stethoskop. Sie lacht zufrieden.
  • in a Blended Learning format
  • Online sessions 3 days a week
  • Level B1/B2

About "German for medical professionals"

Course duration
The course will be divided into 3 Modules: 

- Module 1 "Beginner"
- Module 2 "Intermediate"
- Module 3 "Advanced"

Each module will last for 2 months. 

Module 1 "Beginner" will start on the 20th of March. 

Opening and closing dates
There will be 2 live sessions each week via ZOOM with the teacher. 

Sunday and Wednesday from 7:00 PM till 9:30 PM.

Class time and course content
The teaching time with the teacher is 48 teaching units (45 minutes each) per module. The participants also have a self-learning phase of approx. 48 teaching units (45 minutes each) using the digital exercise material on a digital learning platform.

The course content is taught using the textbook Line 1 Pflege/B2.

Goethe Test Pro Pflege
The GTPP exam can be taken after 3 modules.
  • Level

  • Start

  • Duration
    2 months

  • Hours per week
    6 hours of 45 minutes each

  • Total scope
    48 hours of 45 minutes each with the teacher

  • Participants
    max. 16

  • Price
    1580 SAR