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Online Group Course

Learn German together - exciting collaborations and individual learning

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Illustration:  Erwachsene in einer Online Unterrichtssituation
  • learn flexibly
  • live sessions with your teacher
  • interactive group exercises

Intensive and effective

You'd like to learn German in a group but are unable to go to a nearby Goethe-Institut? You travel a lot in your job and prefer not to be bound to a specific place and time? If so, we have a special offer for you! The Goethe-Instituts online group course "Deutsch Online" allows you to adapt your learning flexibly to your schedule and does not require you to be in any particular place. Rather than learning on your own, you are part of a small group of between 10 and 18 participants.

Reading, writing, listening, speaking – You decide how you want to learn in our online courses. You choose a group or individual course and whether you would like to work autonomously or closely with a teacher.
  • Level
    A1, A2, B1.1, B1.2

  • Start

  • Duration
    10 weeks

  • Hours per week
    2 sessions per week

  • Total scope
    150 teaching units

  • Participants
    max. 18

  • Access to learning platform
    For the duration of the course

  • Price
    700,000 TZS

How the course works

Learning Platform
The Online Group Courses address various topics out of your everyday life, to familiarize you to important vocabulary and grammar. You learn with an interactive study program, comprising of videos, pictures, audios and texts. You mostly determine your study time individually but you will also be given the opportunity to work in groups. Essential overviews on grammar and vocabulary can be downloaded from the learning platform.

Support from your teacher
Your teacher corrects longer writing exercises and will provide detailed feedback on your writing. In case you have any queries, you can always contact the teacher via the forum or by email.

Online Live Sessions
You will meet your teacher and other group members every two weeks for a live session, during which you will mainly practice speaking and applying the learnt structures. The live sessions will take place either in the evening or over the weekend.
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