Specialized courses

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Goal oriented and topic specific

We offer an extensive range of special courses on a wide variety of topics. Or are you looking for a course for your company? Or do you want to learn German in a small group?

Do you want to freshen up your grammar? Or become more fluent in conversational German?  At various times throughout the year, we offer Grammar Review courses, German for Scholarly Reading, Conversation courses, and many more.

Immersionsday: April 07, 2018

Are you thinking about taking a German course but don't know what to expect? Enroll in our full-day immersion program to experience our teaching style and philosophy first hand, meet other potential students and start your German learning process right there. Also, get $ 30 off when you register for a Goethe-Institut course after attending an immersion day.

$75 per person - Our immersion days include lunch and all materials.

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Intercultural Workshops at the Goethe-Institut Chicago © Goethe-Institut

Intercultural Workshop

Due to globalization and multicultural work environments, intercultural communication skills are becoming increasingly important. Our workshops help you communicate effectively across cultures. By familiarizing yourself with the basic concept of culture, you will become more aware of differences and develop strategies to avoid intercultural misunderstandings.
Workshops are held every on selected Fridays once a month from 9 AM - 4 PM. $200 per person, lunch is included. Contact our Language Course Office to enroll!

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Conversation Evenings at the Goethe-Institut Chicago © Goethe-Institut

Conversation Evenings

For our students in level B 2 and higher, we offer monthly conversation evenings discussing specific topics. The conversations take place on Fridays, between 5:30 and 7:00 PM and are guided by one of our teachers. Participation is reserved for students in our classes and alumnis and is free of charge.

Upcoming dates and topics:
03/23: Ein Wochenende in Berlin
04/27: Marx mit Caro
05/18: Lustige Werbespots
06/22: Fußball WM

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Tatort Kurs © Goethe-Institiut

C 1+: Tatort Deutsch

Die Serie TATORT hat mit über 45 Jahren Laufzeit das höchste Alter einer Fernsehserie im deutschen Fernsehen erreicht. Anhand der Folgen und TATORT-Ermittlerteams können wir einen Blick auf den deutschen Alltag seit 1971 werfen. Dabei können wir nachvollziehen, welche großen Themen Deutschland interessierten und noch immer beschäftigen.

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German for Scholarly Reading © Goethe-Institut

B 2+: Fertigkeitentrainig mit Themen und Texten rund um Karl Marx

Anhand von Lese- und Hörtexten um das Thema Karl Marx lernen wir in aktiven Diskussionsrunden unsere Meinungen zu vertreten und anderen Meinungen zuzuhören. Als Schreibübungen verfassen wir kleine Gedichte, Stellungnahmen und Essays zu ausgewählten Aspekten der Thematik.

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