Lollike, Christian

Christian Lollike

*1973 in Denmark

Christian Lollike trained as a dramatist at the Aarhus Theatre and worked as Miguel Rubio’s assistant at the Yayachakani Theatre in Lima, Peru. Lollike’s works include stage and radio plays, screenplays, and film dramatizations. His debut as a director was “The Wonder” (2005), which brought him the 2007 Prix Europa. Many of his plays, including “Sorry, old man” (2003), “Nathan” (untitled) (2007) and “Cosmic Fear” (2008) have been translated into several languages and performed in countries including Germany, Sweden and Austria. Armin Petras has dubbed Christian Lollike the “Danish Schlingensief” for his willingness to fearlessly tackle such provocative themes as violence against women, euthanasia or the World Trade Center attacks. He is known in Germany for his dramatization of Lars von Trier’s film “Dogville”, performed at the Staatstheater Stuttgart. Lollike’s stage version of von Trier’s “Breaking the Waves” was shown at Berlin’s Gorki-Studio in 2007.