Vaculová, Barbora

Barbora Vaculová

*1979 in Prague

Barbora Vaculová studied Czech and Portuguese, and Theatre at the Janáček Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Brno. Her works so far include “Absintus Dei” (2002), “Psí hřbitov” (The Dogs’ Cemetery, 2004), “Žumpa” (The Cesspit, 2005) and “Škatulata, škatulata” (Carton, Carton, 2005). “Psí hřbitov” and “Žumpa” were premiered at the Janáček Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. “Škatulata, škatulata” was commissioned for the Sieben moderne Totenkopfschwärmer festival organised by Husa na provázku (Theatre Goose on a String). “Žumpa” was performed at the same theatre during the Soup Cooking staged readings project. The play won the 2005 Evald Schorm Prize and was submitted to the 2006 Berlin Theatertreffen festival's Stückemarkt section for new plays by undiscovered authors. Barbora Vaculová is presently writing new stage and radio plays, translating contemporary Portuguese drama into Czech and working as a screenplay writer for Czech television.