After the Fall – A European Theatre Festival. Part 2

Christian Wolter Autobahn A 20, vorläufiges Ende Kreuz Hamberge bei Lübeck 2005

From 6 December to 8 December 2010, the Goethe-Institut and the Staatsschauspiel Dresden are inviting three more plays from the Theater Project „After the Fall“ to a second edition of the European Theatre Festival. The productions chosen for the festival offer an insight into the various European theatre landscape and profoundly reflect the diverse ways that the fall of the Berlin Wall and its consequences are seen in European societies. The plays come from Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

After the Fall 2 is a European theatre project by the Goethe-Institut, presented by the Staatsschauspiel Dresden with generous support from the regional capital of Dresden, the Office of the Mayor of Dresden, funding from the 20 Years of Peaceful Revolution and German Unity Within Europe project and the Goethe-Institut Dresden.

Overview of the festival dates
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by Marjolijn van Heemstra
German by Evke Rulffes/ Production of the ensemble of the Staatsschauspiel Dresden
Three candidates take part in a TV reality game show – but with no host, no blonde assistant, and no audience. Suddenly a light goes on and the candidates start to talk for dear life, one after another – without knowing what’s expected of them, they rush into a merciless battle. The light is repeatedly switched off. For the commercial breaks? The end? The walk of shame? One candidate can’t take anymore and leaves, but not without first throttling one of the other competitors. 2012 is the ultimate post-modern design for a world where winners and losers no longer exist. More...

Für alle reicht es nicht (There's not enough to go round)

by Dirk Laucke
From Dresden, Germany / Staatsschauspiel Dresden
In the course of their shady dealings, Jo and Anna find a truck laden with Chinese refugees in the former GDR – and don't really know what they should do with them. Für alle reicht es nicht (There's not enough to go round) is not a play about the Wende, but about the problems in making ends meet nowadays. "The Wall is still standing," said Dirk Laucke. "It's only shifted further outside." More...

Wall Variations for Beginners

by Pieter de Buysser
lecture performance in German
From Brussels, Belgien / LOD & Beursschouwburg
A sociological fitness programme to escape escapism. Let’s put up a wall together! But just as the Berlin Wall was drawn like a thick line under the failure of a certain communist Utopia, the European walls in the south of Spain and Italy bear witness to the failure of liberal capitalism. So Pieter de Buysser suggests that we think up walls made of different materials. A utopian enclave is created here, together with the audience, a few ghosts and historical figures from the past and the future. More...


by Artur Pałyga
German by Antje Ritter-Jasińska / Polish German subtitles
from Bydgoszcz, Polen / Teatr Polski
stivalseite/transformationen.jpg"> V(F)ICD-10. TRANSFORMACJE recounts the story of marginalized people and a broken taboo ‑ and shows what twenty years of a reunited Europe look like from the perspective of disabled and mentally ill people. If they were previously almost invisible, now their sexuality is addressed as a theme in a play – a difficult topic in Catholic Poland. The new freedoms have brought new fears and new challenges. How does a deaf and blind person cope with finding a job on the labour market? More...