Refugees rescued off the coast of Libya on the “Eleonore” rescue ship. | Photo (detail): © picture alliance/dpa/Johannes Filous

Sea rescue – Rights and responsibilities

Every year thousands of people drown in a bid to find the freedom they hope for in Europe. Time and again, those who argue in favour of recusing those in distress at sea are criticised. From a legal standpoint though, what are our responsibilities towards those in trouble at sea?More ...

    #MyJob – “Contact is what’s important!”

    Photo (Filmstill): Ula Brunner © Goethe Institut
    Thi-Minh-Tam Ta is a psychiatrist with a passion. Originally from Vietnam, she has lived and worked in Berlin for 13 years. She didn’t find it easy to cope with the culture, especially at the beginning.

    “Europe is Our Foundation” – An Interview with Johannes Ebert

    Johannes Ebert, secretary-general of the Goethe-Institut, in the interview with “The Latest at Goethe” | Photo: Goethe-Institut
    Decolonisation, sustainability and Europe in times of populism: The Goethe-Institut is strengthening its network to facilitate the dialogue on these and other issues. For the annual press conference of the Goethe-Institut, Secretary-General Johannes Ebert reports in an interview on the focuses of the Goethe-Institut’s international cultural and language work in 2020.

    Frankly … integrated – On the Bench

    Does sitting on a bench make you suspicious? Dominic Otiang'a has a strange experience. | Photo (detail): Anna Utochkina © Unsplash
    Anyone resting in a park in Germany for a while runs the risk of being controlled by a civilian patrol. Our columnist Dominic Otiang'a shares this irritating experience with other foreigners in Germany who just want to rest for a while.

    Goethe Medal 2019 – Truth and Fiction

    Goethe Medal 2019 – Truth and Fiction
    The German-Turkish writer Doğan Akhanlı, the Iranian artist and filmmaker Shirin Neshat and the Mongolian publisher and political journalist Enkhbat Roozon were awarded the Goethe Medal on 28 August. Their credibility is based on their independence, not political activism, according to Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, the president of the Goethe-Institut.

    The Film „Western“ – Encountering the Other

    Just as in a traditional “Western” plot: Construction worker Meinhard is riding a horse. | © 2017 Komplizen Film, Chouchkov Brothers, coop99, KNM
    How do we interact with strangers and engage with foreign countries? The film “Western” tells the story of German construction workers sent to build a hydroelectric power station in Bulgaria, where their encounters with local villagers do not, to put it mildly, always go smoothly.

    Frankly … integrated – Integration while Mowing the Lawn

    How much rage can a lawnmower cause? | Photo (detail): Frank May/picture alliance
    Dominic Otiang’a comes from Kenya. Before moving to Germany he was certain he would not suffer any culture shock. But he was wrong.

    Pre-departure integration – The road to Germany begins at home

    Living and Working in Germany; Copyright: Jedrzej Kaminski / EyeEm / Getty Images
    Potential migrants can learn more about Germany and their job prospects there while still in their home countries – and not only by asking their friends and acquaintances.

    Dancing the polka in Milwaukee

    Photo (detail): © Nina Subin
    Interview with writer and illustrator Nora Krug about her new book “Heimat”, living as a German in the US and the potential of graphic memoirs to deal with the past.

    Conference “Vocational education and labour mobility”

    © Goethe-Institut e.V.
    “Think globally!“ Under this motto, the Goethe-Institute invited international stake holders and experts in the fields of (higher and initial) vocational education, migration, integration and labour mobility to Berlin in order to discuss global perspectives of action.

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