Johannes Ebert at the Cultural Heritage Summit. | Photo: Dirk Dehmel / DNK

Cultural Heritage Summit – Where society becomes community

During the Cultural Heritage Summit in Berlin, European experts exchanged views on cultural heritage. During the main event, Johannes Ebert, the Secretary-General of the Goethe-Institut, spoke about the importance of projects for young people and the opportunities and challenges of immigration and integration. More ...

    Jeem – Making art in times of war

    Audience members at the launch of Jeem in Cairo | Photo: Roger Anis
    Jeem is a new website for young, Arabic-speaking people, dealing with the topics "love, sexuality and society". The idea was first conceived in 2015, when the team of the Goethe-Institut in Cairo wanted to establish a digital project for the youth in the region.

    Goethe-Institut education initiatives in the MENA region – Getting behind civil society

    The “Strengthening Structures” workshop at the Goethe-Institut Cairo; photo: Roger Anis, Goethe-Institut Cairo
    News from the Middle East and North Africa often conveys the image of a troubled region characterised by political and economic volatility. But there are many more facets to life in this region than this image suggests, as shown by the projects the Goethe-Institut is running in the region.

    2018 Long Night of Ideas – When Dancing Vegetables Encourage Kids

    The Berlin premiere of grenzenlos | Photo: Bernhard Ludewig
    The episode film grenzenlos – Geschichten von Freiheit & Freundschaft (Boundless – Stories of Freedom & Friendship) celebrated its Berlin premiere as part of the Long Night of Ideas. The film, produced in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, tells stories without language so it is understandable for children of different backgrounds.

    Muslims in Germany - Sugar Feast in the Occident

    Getting ready for Ramadan in Berlin | Photo (detail): © Stefanie Loos
    Is it possible to live in a Christian country like Germany and keep up Islamic traditions? And how do Muslims in Germany celebrate Ramadan?

    Transit Beben - No Duet with David Hasselhoff

    Actors in the production by Patricia Fagundes | Photo: Adriana Marchior
    The end-time play Tremor by Maria Milisavljevic celebrates its premiere at the Goethe-Institut Porto Alegre in two productions. It starts with Patricia Fagundes and her theatre group, followed by the version by Lucca Simas. In our interview, Milisavljevic talks about her play, which deals with the state of the world in our day, as well as migration, war and escaping from reality.

    Minorities and multilingualism – Multilingual, multicultural and cosmopolitan

    Multilingualism was the focus at the international minorities conference. | Photo (detail): © Kerekes Zoltán - Goethe-Institut Budapest
    For minorities, multilingualism and a multicultural identity can provide a wealth of resources and point the way forward. Videos from the Schaufenster Enkelgeneration project highlight the benefits that young adults in Germany’s ethnic minorities believe that their multilingualism gives them.

    Muslims in Germany – Religious in a secular country

    Arriving in Germany: young Muslims | Photo (detail): Eugenio Marongiu ©
    Germany is home to around 4.5 million Muslims. The major associations are theologically conservative, yet the Islamic community is becoming ever more diverse.

    German Mosques – Modern Islamic Sacred Buildings in Germany

    Photo (detail): © picture alliance / Rainer Jensen / dpa
    Building a new mosque is often a hot-button topic in Germany. Euro-Islam architecture is paving the way to bridging the cultural gap.

    German Muslims – Caught between Integration and Exclusion

    Many people with Turkish backgrounds live in Duisburg-Marxloh. | Photo (detail): © Ulrich Baumgarten/picture-alliance/dpa
    Most Muslims in Germany are well integrated and identify closely with the country. Yet some of the public continue to view them with mistrust, in part because of underprivileged urban areas like Duisburg-Marxloh.

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