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We are developing resources, such as sustainability and artistic frameworks, guidelines, how-to manuals, podcasts, and magazines that will be published over the course of the project. We hope that they will provide you with information, best practice examples and know-how on sustainability in arts and culture.

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Guidelines for Organising Environmentally Friendly Events

These guidelines set out the minimum requirements and recommendations for the organisation of environmentally friendly events. The guidelines rely on the environmental strategy of the Tartu 2024 Foundation and are an important step in its implementation. The guidelines have been prepared in cooperation with the Tartu 2024 Foundation, the city of Tartu, and Acento, a consultation company for sustainable events. The guidelines were updated on 24 August 2023.

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Artistic Vision

The artistic vision guides artists, curators, and project managers involved in the project to design and deliver the artistic aspects of CYCLE UP! and it was created in collaboration with the CYCLE UP! curatorial board. We seek to create art-led experiences which revolve around key values which drive our project - sustainability, learning and sharing, inclusion, connection, and impact and change. We are committed to sharing these values with all who are engaged with this project.

By intertwining these elements, CYCLE UP! aims to inspire a shift in perceptions and behaviours towards cycling at the same time as fostering a deeper connection between individuals, communities, and the environment.


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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Framework

The CYCLE UP! Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) framework guides the CYCLE UP! project to ensure that equality of access, participation, representation, and voice are incorporated in all project design and outputs. This document is considered when considering artistic outputs, project management, artists, partner organisations, audience, and leadership.

Sustainability © Showcake

Sustainability Vision, Guidelines and Recommendations for the Project

The CYCLE UP! sustainability framework has been developed to ensure that sustainability of materials, methods, production, transportation of art works, dissemination and inclusive practices and a caring work culture are adopted in all aspects of the project. This document details the sustainability mission and values of the CYCLE UP! Project. This is followed by a set of recommendations and guidelines to follow for the project to be able to achieve its aims.

This document will guide the project and the work of the overall project management team, the design of artistic programming, engagement with decision makers and citizens as well as the creation of art and cultural interventions by artists.