CYCLE UP! is for everyone who wants to see more bicycles on their streets. It’s for everyone who wants to feel safe when they commute to work, school or want to access the city by bicycle.

CYCLE UP! is for those who want to embed sustainability in their artistic practice. It’s for those who want to join a network of like-minded creative professionals who believe in the power of arts and culture to change political and social realities.

CYCLE UP! is for those who want to bring sustainable urban mobility to their cities, for the health of their communities and to limit our impact on the planet.

CYCLE UP! is for bike lovers! For those who love the feeling of the wind blowing through their hair and the child-like joy we feel when we jump on our bikes!


Communities © CYCLE UP! Imagine that you could safely commute to work, drop your children at school, pick up your groceries or go to the cinema all by bike!

Imagine the streets are filled with bikes, not cars!

Imagine you can help make this change for your city.

In CYCLE UP! we find creative solutions, tailored to local contexts, to advocate for more bikes in our cities. We want to bring communities and artists together to connect with local decision makers in creative ways to demand better infrastructure and safety. We also want to create a culture of cycling in Poland, Slovakia, the Czechia, Estonia and Germany.

We want to increase the appeal of cycling as a regular means of transport. To engage with issues around cycling in our cities, we will organise participatory art programmes and artistic interventions which bring together cycling and communities.

In our partner countries, there will be workshops, discussions, film screenings, festivals and exhibitions taking place on a regular basis on the topics of cycling as well as sustainable living. This could include a bicycle repair cafe, zero-waste cooking workshops, nature walks with an artist, a plant swap or a street turned car-free for the weekend and filled with music and performance.

Communities play an important role in our artist-in-residence programmes, too. Our artists will be rooted in and connected with local community groups, which will inform the artistic outcomes of the month-long residency.

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Everyone is welcome to engage and join our free activities. You can see what we have coming up soon in your country or online on our events page.

Are you part of a local group/school/youth centre/activist community that would like to get involved in our activities? Get in touch with us.

Do you want inspiration and resources to plan something in your own neighbourhood? See our resources page for more ideas or contact us!

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Artists © CYCLE UP! Do you want to respond to key urban mobility challenges through the themes of your work? Do you want to create artistic experiences that help citizens and decision-makers think differently about cycling? Do you want to work directly with communities on the theme of mobility and sustainability in a cultural context different from your own? Are you interested in embedding sustainability into your art practice through production and exhibition?

CYCLE UP! offers opportunities to collaborate directly with local municipalities, urban practitioners, and diverse community organisations. We are creating an interdisciplinary network of people who care about the same issues, but who are looking to tackle them from different perspectives.

The CYCLE UP! artist-in-residence programme will take place in 2024 and 2025 in our five partner countries. Each residency will be a month long and artists will be working closely with local communities and decision makers to create thought-provoking art interventions and long-lasting connections. We want to challenge decision makers to prioritise sustainable infrastructure and we want to empower communities to understand their potential to make change through their choices and actions.

The ecological impact of artistic production, exhibition and the residency programme are important to us. We want to discover how to make these three aspects more sustainable together with the artistic community. You can read more about this in our sustainability framework which sets out our missions, values, and the tangible steps we are following to limit our footprint.

The CYCLE UP! curatorial board plays an important role in shaping and overseeing the artistic vision of the project, including residencies, public programming, exhibitions, and events. The curatorial team will advise the CYCLE UP! steering committee for the duration of the project. Read more about our Curatorial Board.

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Check for the artist-in-residence open calls on our events + news page.

Read our Artistic framework on the resources page on how we seek to create art-led experiences which revolve around the key values which drive our project; sustainability, learning and sharing, inclusion, connection, and impact and change.

Read our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging framework for our commitment to equality of access, participation, representation and voice in all project design and outputs.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Decision Makers

Decision Makers © CYCLE UP! Do you want to increase the uptake of cycling in your community or city? Are you looking for creative ways to engage people in these issues at the municipal or local government level?

Join our movement today and fill in the application form to be part of the CYCLE UP! decision-makers network.

The goal of CYCLE UP! is to raise awareness of the needs of cyclists and the power of culture as a tool for change. We involve decision-makers, to ensure the outputs and outcomes of our activities will help shape sustainable transportation that works for its citizens and communities. We encourage the decision makers involved in CYCLE UP! to promote new ideas and innovations with decision making bodies, colleagues, and communities.

Our decision makers network includes cycling coordinators, bicycle mayors and local municipal officials in our five project countries. The network allows the participants to connect directly with engaged local communities and artists who are working with themes of sustainable urban mobility. This will provide our network with innovative tools and experiences to find new ways to advocate for cycling infrastructure and safety in their cities.

Members of the network will be the first to be informed about results of project activities and case studies implemented in partner countries through the quarterly newsletter. In July 2024, we will hold a decision makers forum in Tartu, Estonia for select members of the group to come together, and in 2026, we will hold a final decision makers conference to present our learnings from the project.

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