06.03.2024, Katowice

Cycling through the Silesian metropolis/Rowerem przez Metropolię

Rowerem Przez Metropolie © Goethe-Institut

BoMiasto hosted a workshop dedicated to people on bicycles, including residents, candidates in local elections and cycling leaders from the region at the meeting: ‘Cycling through the Metropolis.’ The Silesian Zagłębie Metropolis is 41 cities from the region linked by a common urban transport and development policy

The long-awaited metropolitan bicycle has launched in Katowice and surrounding cities but has the new system solved all the problems of Silesian and Zagłębie cyclists? What else do we need to do on the subject of unicycles? What direction should the Metropolis' bicycle policy take?
Recommendations on bicycle policy in the Metropolis - good practices, principles and demands, which arose during the meeting, were passed on to officials.

Some of them are:
  • Designated and separated lanes for both car, pedestrians and bicycle paths
  • Green standards for the design and construction of bicycle paths
  • Construction of contraflow lanes and bicycle contraflow infrastructure
  • Designing a coherent road concept for the Metropolis.
The moderator was PhD Ryszard Kulik who is a cycling enthusiast and doctor of psychology recommended by the Polish Psychological Association. He has, for more than 30 years, been involved in leading groups in psychological and environmental education.

The cycling community in Silesia is very knowledgeable and diverse, and we hope that decision makers will listen to our voices.
The meeting took place in spring 2024 in Katowice, Poland.
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