Quiz - interesting language facts

The quiz to mark this year’s European Day of Languages has ended – answers were accepted until 28 September 2022.


Main prize (Kindle e-reader):

Marta Kašíková

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Congratulations to all winners!

Correct answers

  1. Question: How many indigenous languages are there estimated to be in Europe?
    a/ less than 100
    b/ 100-200
    c/ 200-300
    correct answer: c/
  2. How many living languages do you estimate there are in the world?
    a/ around 500
    b/ around 2000
    c/ around 6000
    correct answer: c/
  3. Which is the most widely spoken language in the world?
    a/ Chinese
    b/ English
    c/ Spanish
    correct answer: b/
  4. Which of the following languages is written from right to left?
    a/ Arabic
    b/ Maltese
    c/ Japanese
    correct answer: a/
  5. Which of these languages has its own unique alphabet with 38 letters?
    a/ Basque
    b/ Armenian
    c/ Icelandic
    correct answer: b/
  6. Which stone helped in the deciphering of the hieroglyphs by European researchers?
    a/ Napoleon's stone
    b/ Babel stone
    c/ Rosetta Stone
    correct answer: c/
  7. From which language does the flower name 'tulip' come from?
    a/ Dutch
    b/ Turkish
    c/ Latin
    correct answer: b/
  8. French is an official language in how many countries in the world?
    a/ 29
    b/ 3
    c/ 12
    correct answer: a/
  9. What is Esperanto?
    a/ Spanish word for "wait"
    b/ the most widely spoken constructed language in the world
    c/ computer language
    correct answer: b/
  10. In which country do people often shake their heads meaning “yes” and nod when they actually mean “no”?
    a/ Romania
    b/ Bulgaria
    c/ Cyprus
    correct answer: b/