Competition rules

Online language quiz (hereinafter ‘quiz’) organised for the occasion of the European Day of Languages 2022

1 General information
The quiz organisers are the cultural institutes associated with the European Union National Institutes of Culture (EUNIC) in collaboration with the Directorate General for Translation (local office at the European Commission’s representation office in the Czech Republic) and the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies at Charles University. The quiz is available on the website, which is administered by Goethe-Institut. The Partners section of the website shows the complete list of organisers.
The quiz is intended for children, youth and adults who are interested in foreign languages.
The quiz ends at midnight on 28 September 2022.

2 Participation in the quiz
2.1 By taking part in the quiz, participants express their full agreement with these competition rules.
2.2 Participation is open to anyone who either lives or has a permanent place of residence in the Czech Republic, and knows the Czech language sufficiently well to understand the questions posed in the quiz.
2.3 Participants confirm that if they are not yet 18 years of age, their participation in the quiz has been approved by their parent or legal guardian.
2.4 Participation is open to all individuals who meet the conditions outlined in point 2.2. Each individual can take part in the quiz only once. If a participant submits more than one response, the selection process will consider only the first response received.
2.5 Participation in the quiz will take place online. Answers must be submitted via the website by 24:00 on the last day of the competition (28.09.2021).
2.6 Participation in the quiz is voluntary and free of charge. Participation or winning in the competition are in no way pre-conditioned on the purchase of any goods or services.

3 Participation process
3.1 In order to take part in the quiz, participants must complete all registration details fully and correctly and confirm that they have read and agree with these competition rules.
3.2 After completing the quiz, participants will be asked to provide their name, surname and email address. Only then will they be able to submit their answers.

4 Selection process
4.1 Responsibility for the selection process rests with a team of representatives of the organising institutions.
4.2 Participants will receive a point for every correct answer provided.  
4.3 Winners will be selected through a lottery process specified in point 4.4. The lottery will take place between 30.09.2022 and 07.10.2022 and will not be public.
4.4 Winners will be drawn from among those participants who have answered at least six quiz questions correctly. If no one answers at least six questions correctly, winners will be selected according to the highest number of correct answers provided. If there are more participants with the same number of correct answers than available prizes, winners will again be selected by lottery.
4.5 There will be ten (10) winners in total.
4.6 Winners will be informed via email no later than 11.10.2022. Non-winners will not be informed.
4.7 If a winner does not respond to the address provided in the winning information email within 30 days, his/her right to the prize will be forfeited. The prize will then be given to the next participant on the list of potential winners. 

5 Quiz prizes
5.1 The prize for one of the ten winners will be an E-reader Kindle and for the nine remaining winners a gift package from the participating cultural institutes.
5.2 Prizes will be sent to the winners by post, or after prior agreement they may be picked up at the office of the contest organiser.

6 Warranties
6.1 If the organisers have made a prize available to a winner according to the process outlined herein, then their obligations have been fulfilled to their full extent. 
6.2 The organisers will not be responsible for the loss or incompleteness of data provided by the participants, except in circumstances where the loss or incompleteness of data were caused by intentional acts or gross negligence on the part of the organisers or their employees. The same applies to information sharing by third parties resulting from technical problems during data transfer and/or in case of unauthorised access.

7 Data protection
7.1 The organisers will follow all legal provisions for the protection of personal data.
7.2 Quiz participants agree with the storage, dissemination and transfer of data they have made available to the organisers for the purpose of the quiz, if this is required for the successful implementation of the competition.
7.3 Information will not be provided to third parties for any other reason.
7.4 Information provided during the registration process will be saved for three months after the completion of the quiz competition and then automatically deleted. Participants will not be notified of this fact.
7.5 Participants may request information about the personal data the organisers are keeping. Participants may withdraw their agreement to the storage of their personal data at any time. In so doing, they will give up their right to participate in the quiz.
7.6 The organisation responsible for personal data protection is Goethe-Institut e.V based in Munich (Dachauer Str. 122, 806 37 Munich, Germany).

8 Additional and final provisions
8.1 Prizes will under no circumstance be paid out in cash.
8.2 A claim to a prize cannot be transferred to another individual.
8.3 Responsibility for the language quiz organised for the occasion of the European Day of Language 2021 rests with EUNIC-affiliated cultural institutes in the Czech Republic. Questions pertaining to the quiz will be answered by Thomas Freundorfer at
8.4 Employees of the organising institutions cannot take part in the quiz.
8.5 Individuals who (i) provide incorrect information about themselves or (ii) manipulate or in other ways misuse electronic tools created for the purposes of the quiz will not be allowed to take part in the quiz.
8.6 Insistence on participation or on prize winnings through legal proceedings is not permissible.
8.7 The proceedings of the quiz and all legal matters pertaining to the participants will be guided exclusively by the laws of the Czech Republic.
8.8 If any of the provisions in these competition rules are or should become ineffectual or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain valid without any change.  
8.9 These competition rules have been prepared in Czech and English language versions. In case of interpretation differences between the two language versions, the Czech version shall prevail.