Gegenüber connects perspectives from across (German: gegenüber) the Atlantic, in Germany and North America. Our editorial team and contributors from Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Germany, and the United States offer balanced perspectives with multimedia pieces on societal issues, art, business, and science. Gegenüber tackles transatlantic topics, German-American quirks, and common denominators, offering a political interpretation of culture and a cultural interpretation of politics.

Gegenüber is the digital magazine of the Goethe-Institut in North America, available in English, German, Spanish, and French.

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Editorial Team

Savannah Beck

Savannah Beck is the editor at the Goethe-Institut Washington. She is the managing editor of Gegenüber and is responsible for the English-language edition.

Tatjana Brode

Tatjana Brode is the director of communications of the Goethe-Institut in North America. Her focus is on strategic communications, digital media and transatlantic exchange. She lives in Washington, D.C.

Leonhard Emmerling

Leonhard Emmerling is an art historian and has served as director of the Goethe-Institut Chicago since 2021.

Stefan Kloo

Stefan Kloo works as the editor at the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles.

Michael Krell

Michael Krell works as the editor at the Goethe-Institut Montreal and is responsible for the German- and the French-language edition of Gegenüber.

Ricardo Roa

Ricardo Roa works as the editor at the Goethe-Institut Mexiko and is responsible for the Spanish-language edition of Gegenüber.