A television photographed in 2006, still from “Germany’s Most Beautiful Railways”




The earth rotates, everything is in constant motion, change is a necessity. It’s high time for a magazine dedicated to stillness: a collection of pieces from international artists and writers in homage to standstills and their poetic beauty.

View of the hand of an unknown holy Sadhu sitting at the Ganges river
Photo: Jose Hernandez

In a Deep Trance

Vagrants: Here Is the Law to Eradicate This Plague
© Illustration: Manuel Bueno Botello

Vagrants: A Law to Eradicate the Plague

Still Frame from the Grouper Video  “I’m clean now”: Liz Harris in the rain in front of a red smoke screen
Photo: © Grouper / Licensed to YouTube by The Orchard Music

Moving Without Moving

Cartoon illustration of a small island with two palm trees floating in a cloudy sky with the a neon banner above that says “Welcome to paradise”
Illustration: Maria Krafft

Island in the Unmapped Sky

School of Herring
Photo: © Public Domain / Rawpixel

On Rebellious Social Climbers

Photo of the Adler typewriter prop from the Kubrick movie “The Shining”
Photo: © Flickr User Seth Anderson

Writer’s Block (Betty the Ape)

Detail: “The Capture of Miletus” by Andre Castaigne (1898–1899)
© Public Domain

Stasis in Miletus

Detail Francisco De Goya — “The Witches’ Sabbath” 1797–98 Museum of Lazaro Galdiano
Photo (detail): © Museum Lazaro Galdiano / Public Domain

Sleep Paralysis

Deep Dream Image (Detail) of Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” (Cropped)
© Image by Kyle McDonald via Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/people/kylemcdonald/

Sideræl (No One Is an Island)