About the project

Initiated by the Goethe-Institut in Australia, this ongoing project features artists and experts working across the field of artificial intelligence (AI). In Kulturtechniken 4.0 – Creating in the Age of AI we take a closer look at the interplay between AI and traditional cultural skills, inviting key names to discuss and explore our concerns and curiosity about an increasingly AI-driven future.
Specifically, we examine how creative human skills such as writing, composing or painting are being altered, influenced or assisted by AI right now, and how this might change in the years to come.

What are Kulturtechniken?

The German term Kulturtechniken literally translates to cultural techniques. Traditionally linked to the cultivation of land, these days the word is broadly used to describe human skills which enable communication, problem solving and creativity.
Kultur Magazine 2020 - Cover © Goethe-Institut Kulturtechniken always relate to a certain sociocultural context and empower the individual to be an active member of a community. The rise of AI and machine learning will impact these techniques as well as the ethical and social questions around it. They are crucial for any educational and cultural organisation, like the Goethe-Institut, which is active in the area of language, music, art and film.
The 2020 edition of our magazine kultur has a special feature on Kulturtechniken 4.0 as well. Read it in print or online here.

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  • Chief Editor: Sonja Griegoschewski (Director Australia, Goethe-Institut)
  • Editorial Team: André Leslie, Barbara Gruber, Anja Wendt, Jochen Gutsch and Gabriele Urban
Kulturtechniken 4.0 Team Photo 2nd version © Goethe-Institut