Film still from the The Fall of the House of Usher by Jean Epstein, 1928
Foto: La Cinémathèque française
The making of "In Event of Moon Disaster"
Credit: MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality, 2019

Combatting disinformation: Putting deepfakes in perspective

Pakinam Amer, Francesca Panetta & D. Fox Harrell

AI-driven robot ERICA talks with her inventor Hiroshi Ishiguro
Photo: JST ERATO Ishiguro Symbiotic Human Robot Interaction Project
Scene from Artificial Intelligence
© Warner Bros / AllStarPictureLibrary
Netflix Streaming
© freestocks
Moon panorama photo, taken during one of the Apollo missions
Photo (detail): © NASA

Stranding astronauts on the moon

Francesca Panetta & Halsey Burgund

Robert De Niro stars in the Netflix movie "The Irishman"
Photo Credit: Landmark Media / Alamy Stock Photo
Peter Kubelka in front of a visual depiction of his film "Arnulf Rainer"
© sixpackfilm