Kulturtechniken 4.0 is brought to life by the numerous valuable contributions from experts and the cooperation with partner organisations. We’d like to thank the people listed (in alphabetical order) below for their exciting perspectives, insights and ideas.
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Pakinam Amer © Pakinam Amer Pakinam Amer

Pakinam Amer is an award-winning journalist, science writer and editor. Her bylines and podcasts appear in Nature, Scientific American and the Boston Globe among others. Read more ...


Dirk Baecker © Boden Dirk Baecker

Professor Dirk Baecker is a sociologist and holds the Chair of Cultural Theory and Management at the University of Witten/Herdecke in Germany. More


Stephan Baumann © Marie Gouil Stephan Baumann

Professor Stephan Baumann is an AI researcher and musician, working in Berlin and Kaiserslautern at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). He wrote his dissertation on Artificial Listening Systems...More

Marnie Benney © Emily Hlaváč Green Photography Marnie Benney

Marnie Benney is an independent curator whose work investigates the societal, cultural and future implications of technology through contemporary art. In 2019, Benney launched, the world’s largest community of artists using artificial intelligence... More

Oliver Bown © Oliver Bown Oliver Bown

Oliver Bown is an academic, creative artist and programmer interested in the design of technologies that support and transform creative practice. He is Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of the Interactive Media Lab at UNSW Sydney. More

Halsey Burgund © Halsey Burgund Halsey Burgund

Halsey Burgund is a sound artist and technologist whose work focuses on the combination of modern technologies - from mobile phones to artificial intelligence - with fundamentally human “technologies”, primarily language, music and the spoken voice. More

Trevor Cohn © Trevor Cohn Trevor Cohn

Professor Trevor Cohn works at the University of Melbourne in Australia, researching natural language processing, with a focus on translation, multilingual methods and tools for low-resource languages. His work combines machine learning, computing and linguistics. More

Emily Cross ©Iman Aryanfar Emily Cross

Professor Emily S. Cross holds positions as Professor of Human Neuroscience at Macquarie University in Australia and Professor of Social Robotics at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. In her research, she uses brain imaging techniques, robots, performing arts and artists and action training paradigms... More

Richard Dunn © Suzanne Davies Richard Dunn

Emeritus Professor Richard Dunn is a Sydney-based painter, photographic and installation artist. He studied architecture, then painting at the Royal College of Art, London. He lived in London, Paris and New York with extended stays in Germany. More

Emma Elisabeth Engström © Institute For Future Studies, photo credit: Sara Moritz Emma Engström

Emma Elisabeth Engström works at the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm. She is a former Fulbright visiting student researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab (University of California) with a PhD in predictive modelling in environmental engineering... More


Hubert Léveillé Gauvin © Hubert Léveillé Gauvin Hubert Gauvin

Hubert Léveillé Gauvin earned a Doctorate in Music Theory at the Ohio State University and is now the operations coordinator at So-proq, a not-for-profit collective rights management organization for makers of sound recordings and music videos in Canada. More

Lisa Gibbs © AP Lisa Gibbs

Lisa Gibbs is director of news partnerships at the Associated Press. Her work includes co-leading AP’s efforts around automation and artificial intelligence. These efforts began in 2014 when, as AP’s business news editor, she oversaw the automatic generation of corporate earnings stories. More

Peter Griffin © Peter Griffin Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is a New Zealand-based science and technology journalist with a particular interest in hi-tech innovations and their impact on society.  More

Amrita Hepi © Niki To Amrita Hepi

Amrita Hepi is an Australian artist working with dance and choreography through video, the social function of performance spaces, installation and objects. Utilising hybridity and the extension of choreographic or performative practices... More

Hiroshi Ishiguro © Ishiguro Hiroshi Ishiguro

Hiroshi Ishiguro is a robotics researcher interested in androids, intelligent robots, art and philosophy. He is a professor at Osaka University and a visiting director of ATR Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories.


Neema Iyer © Neema Iyer Neema Iyer

Neema Iyer is an artist and a technologist. She is the founder and director of Pollicy, a civic technology organization based in Kampala, Uganda. Pollicy uses data, design and technology to improve how citizens and government engage around public service delivery.  More

Motoko Kakubayashi © Kakubayashi Motoko Kakubayashi

Motoko Kakubayashi is a science communicator and freelance journalist based in Tokyo, Japan. She is interested in how to engage audiences so that science can add some spark to their life. More


Tomo Kihara © Tomo Kihara Tomo Kihara

Tomo Kihara is a designer and a developer making playful interventions that challenge complex socio-technical issues. He works with organisations such as the Mozilla Foundation and the Waag in Amsterdam to explore the implications of autonomous decision-making systems in society. More

Kristian Kersting Photo (detail): Katrin Binner / TU Darmstadt Kristian Kersting

Kristian Kersting is a professor at the Computer Science department at the TU Darmstadt, Germany. After receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Freiburg in 2006, he was at MIT, Fraunhofer IAIS, the University of Bonn and the TU Dortmund University. His main research interests are statistical relational artificial intelligence...  More

Pelin Kivrak © Pelin Kivrak Pelin Kivrak

Dr. Pelin Kivrak is a writer, scholar and a collaborator at Refik Anadol Studio, whose research focuses on curatorial opportunities and challenges of working with AI-based art. She earned her PhD from Yale University in 2019 with a dissertation on representations of responsibility in contemporary literature and visual arts. More

Mario Klingemann © Onkaos Mario Klingemann

Mario Klingemann is an artist who uses algorithms and AI to create and investigate systems. He is interested in human perception of art and creativity and methods in which machines can augment or emulate these processes. His research therefore spans many areas including generative art, cybernetic aesthetics... More

Jarno Koponen © Jarno M. Koponen / Yle News Lab Jarno Koponen

Jarno M. Koponen leads teams and builds products that combine media content, artificial intelligence and product design. The last 10 years he has focused on creating innovative personalised media experiences such as an award-winning edugame Troll Factory, an AI-powered smart news assistant Voitto... More

Sybille Krämer © Krämer

Sybille Krämer

Sybille Krämer is a philosopher who lives in Berlin. Prior to her retirement she was a professor of philosophy at the Freie Universität Berlin and she is currently a visiting professor at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg. The University of Linköping/Sweden awarded her an honorary doctorate (Dr. h.c.). More

Christy Lange ©T. Demand Christy Lange

Christy Lange is a writer, editor, and Programme Director at Tactical Tech, a non-profit that works to demystify the digital. More

Sam Lieblich © Aaron Rees Sam Lieblich

Sam Lieblich is a writer, neuroscientist and psychiatrist with an interest in AI. His research focuses on the role of the brain in generating the sense of self and place. He works with linguistic and psychoanalytic conceptions of human subjectivity to try to address the scientism of neuroscience... More

Christian Mio Loclair © Christian Mio Loclair Christian Loclair

Christian ‘Mio’ Loclair is a new media artist and choreographer from Berlin. He explores the harmonic friction of human bodies, movement and nature colliding with digital procedures, data driven algorithms and machine learning. His company Waltz Binaire designs, implements and communicates AI-based creative projects... More

Hans Ulrich Obrist ©Kalpesh Lathigra Hans Ulrich Obrist

Hans Ulrich Obrist (born 1968, Zurich, Switzerland) is Artistic Director of the Serpentine Galleries in London. Prior to this, he was the Curator of the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Since his first show “World Soup” (The Kitchen Show)... More

Shirley Ogolla © unknown Shirley Ogolla

Shirley Ogolla is passionate about escaping the academic ivory tower by translating her academic work into interactive art installations for the broader public with her art collective no:topia. As a researcher at the Humboldt Institute of Internet & Society in Berlin she investigates the implications of AI on knowledge work... More

Pablo Núñez Palma © Third Eye Media Pablo Núñez Palma

Pablo Núñez Palma is a Chilean/Dutch filmmaker, scriptwriter and multimedia storyteller based in Amsterdam. His work, both artistic and commercial, is devoted to raising human consciousness, spiritual growth and to promote the use of imagination for the construction of better futures. More

Francesca Panetta © Francesca Panetta Francesca Panetta

Francesca Panetta is an immersive artist, director and journalist. She uses emerging technologies to innovate new forms of storytelling that have social impact. She was XR Creative Director at MIT’s Center for Advanced Virtuality and before that she worked at the Guardian for over a decade pioneering new forms of journalism. More

Jan Georg Plavec © Jan Georg Plavec Jan GEORG Plavec

Editor specializing in data journalism for Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten. Studied communication science at University Stuttgart-Hohenheim and Free University Berlin (PhD). Before that he worked as a freelancer for several newspapers. More

Thomas Ramge © Thomas Ramge / PVH7530 Thomas Ramge

Dr. Thomas Ramge is a research fellow at the Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS) in Germany. He has authored more than a dozen non-fiction books, including most recently Postdigital: Using AI to fight Coronavirus, foster wealth and fuel democracy. More


Dr. Goetz Richter AM © supplied Goetz Richter

Goetz Richter is a musician and philosopher working at the University of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music where he teaches violin performance, chamber music and ensemble performance and courses in the methodology of teaching and the philosophy of music. More

Claudia Sandberg © V. Sandberg Claudia Sandberg

Claudia Sandberg is a film scholar and filmmaker, interested in the history of German film, cinematic relations between Europe and Latin America during the Cold War, questions of exile and migration and film reception. She co-directed Hidden Films. A Journey from Exile to Memory (2016), a documentary examining DEFA Chile films... More

Dr. Jamie Sherrah © Jamie Sherrah Jamie Sherrah

Jamie Sherrah has over 25 years experience in machine learning, computer vision and commercial software development. He is Director for Defence at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), and managing director of the machine learning software company Inject AI. More

Martin Skrodzki Network profile pic © Martin Skrodzki Martin Skrodzki

Martin Skrodzki studied at TU Dortmund University, Texas A&M Int. University, and Freie Universität Berlin. He received his PhD from Freie Universität Berlin in 2019 and completed postdoctoral fellowships at Brown University (USA), the RIKEN Research Institute (Japan), and TU Delft (the Netherlands).... More
Simone Smaa © Simone Smala

Simone Smala

Dr. Simone Smala is a lecturer in teacher education, curriculum and pedagogy. Drawing from a background as a middle years and secondary teacher, Simone now focuses her research on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in bilingual, immersion and TESOL settings, and the use of social media, such as Facebook and Edmodo, in education. More

Pindar Van Arman © Pindar Van Arman Pindar Van Arman

Pindar Van Arman is an American artist and roboticist who designs painting robots that explore the differences between human and computational creativity. Since his first system in 2005 he has built multiple artificially creative robots, the most famous of which - CloudPainter - was awarded First Place in Robot Art 2018. More


Toby Walsh © Toby Walsh Toby Walsh

Professor Toby Walsh is a leading researcher in artificial intelli-gence and holds the position of Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence at University of New South Wales and Data61. He has been elected a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and has won the prestigious Humboldt Research Award. More

David Thomas Henry Wright © supplied David Wright

David Thomas Henry Wright has won multiple literary prizes and been published in various journals. He has a PhD (Comparative Literature) from Murdoch University in Western Australia and has taught at China’s Tsinghua University. More