Motoko Kakubayashi

Motoko Kakubayashi © Motoko Kakubayashi Motoko Kakubayashi is a science communicator and freelance journalist based in Tokyo, Japan. She is interested in how to engage audiences so that science can add some spark to their life.

My favourite AI in culture project at the moment is…using AI to help solve some of the most fundamental questions in existence, like how did the universe begin? 

By 2030 I would like to have an AI app which…can help manage my household. Teaching everyone in the family how to do basic household chores is important, but every now and then I could really do with some extra help with keeping track of what’s going on.

My worst AI nightmare is…that AI is used to replace things, not enhance them. While this might be a highly convenient future, I don’t see it being very exciting.

The future of AI needs…communication. We need scientists to be willing to be open with what they’re doing, we need people to think about how to introduce it into society and we need politicians to understand the risks and benefits. There are all kinds of conversations that need to be done, and we can start today.

Motoko Kakubayashi's contribution: “Reality is catching up to science fiction”: An interview with Hiroshi Ishiguro