Living in a Quantum State Mid-Term Camp

  • Two boys writing on a desk. (c) Goethe-Institut London
  • Two girls using quantum toys. (c) Goethe-Institut London
  • Course leaders present quantum games. (c) Goethe-Institut London
  • Group working together. (c) Goethe-Institut London
  • Robot in an exhibition space. (c) Goethe-Institut London
  • Group picture. (c) Goethe-Institut London
How can we engage our young people to become interested in quantum technologies and inspire them to become the quantum physicists of the future?

The Goethe-Institut London wanted to make the global initiative '' Living in a Quantum State'' accessible to young people, giving them the chance to learn about these emerging technologies and explore ways in which they could have a real impact on our lives in the future, including finding solutions through quantum computers for global issues such as environmental challenges.

The Goethe-Institut London organized a three day Quantum Holiday Camp, in cooperation with the 'Junge Tüftler*innen'  from 24 to 26 October 2022. This organization empowers young people to use digital tools to actively and sustainably shape the world, and their aim in these workshops was to make quantum technologies accessible to the participants.

Through age-appropriate workshops and the use of a variety of experiments and games, the group of young people were able to comprehend complex facts on superposition, quantum entanglement and quantum cryptography, as well as quantum computing. In addition, a presentation by Quantinuum provided participants with all the latest information on ZX calculus, and the opportunity to think of their own ideas for how quantum technologies could be used to solve global problems. Junge Tüftler*innen Logo (c) Junge Tüftler*innen

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Sounding Qubits - photo from the performance
Goethe-Institut | Photo: Pau Ros
Entangled: a photo from the event
Goethe-Institut | Photo: Molly Keane
Dreaming Quantum Futures
©Goethe-Institut | Photo: Pau Ros
Living in a Quantum State at re:publica festival in Berlin
© Goethe-Institut | Photo: Bernahrd Ludewig