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Studio Quantum is an international events and artist-in-residence programme from the Goethe-Institut, exploring emerging quantum technologies through the lens of art. Studio Quantum is exploring important cultural, ethical and ecological questions around the impact of quantum technologies. The project consists of three key strands: residencies, events and a project showcase. 

The programme and accompanying event series will explore the impact of quantum computing on sustainability and climate change, the relationship between quantum technologies and artificial intelligence, as well as data security and data encryption.  

The Studio Quantum residencies in 2024 are open to artists based in the following project locations: Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Nigeria, India (States of Karnataka and Kerala) & South Africa. One artist will be selected to represent each location. During the residencies, artists will be invited to travel to a different location and incorporate quantum technologies into the subject matter of their work and/or create work using quantum technologies, accessed via the cloud. Artists are also invited to explore new techniques and methods of artistic production enabled by quantum technologies.

Participating artists will be connected with local experts in both the cultural and technology sectors as well as a global network via a tutorial (online). All artists-in-residence will be invited to participate in public events in each location and present work and/or findings at a project showcase in Germany in 2024. 


All residencies will be two months in length.  Applicants must be willing to travel for a minimum of 4-8 weeks as part of this programme.  Each location will provide a unique network of project partners. Please see below:  

Dublin, Ireland

Hosted in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Irland, Trinity College Dublin, CONNECT - the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications, Project Arts Centre and The Douglas Hyde Gallery of Contemporary Art.

June - July

Johannesburg, South Africa

Hosted in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut South Africa and local partners. 

June - July

Lagos, Nigeria

Hosted in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Nigeria and local partners.

Aug. - Oct.
Mexico City, Mexico Hosted in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Mexico and project partners.   Sep. - Nov.
Karlsruhe, Germany Hosted in partnership with the Goethe-Institut, ZKM and KIT/ITAS. Sep. - Nov.
Rotterdam, Netherlands Hosted in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Netherlands, V2 and project partners.   Oct. - Nov.
Bangalore, India Hosted in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Bangalore and the Science Gallery Bengaluru.

Please note: Only artists based in Germany may apply for the residency in Bangalore, India and only artists from Karnataka and Kerala may apply for the Studio Quantum residencies.
Oct. - Nov.
London, United Kingdom Hosted in partnership with the Goethe-Institut London, the Science Gallery London and the Department of Physics, King’s College London.

Please note: The Studio Quantum London residency is aimed particularly at writers and/or poets. For additional information please see here.
Oct. - Dec.


As part of their residency, artists will be invited to take part in a tutorial comprised of two weekly sessions over a period of eight weeks. Experts from around the world in both the cultural sector and the field of quantum technologies will present at the tutorial.  

In addition to the tutorial, artists should be willing to independently arrange meetings or calls with the experts in technology, research and cultural organisations throughout their residency time. Where possible, the Goethe-Institut will assist with contacts.   

Each artist will participate in one event organised by the Goethe-Institut during their residency time. (e.g. a talk, a presentation of preliminary work or approaches, participation at a local festival, an interview or networking event).    
A production budget of up to 3000 EUR, travel costs, accommodation and an honorarium will be provided for all Studio Quantum artists-in-residence. Travel costs will be covered according to distance (incl. any/all luggage, transfers, local transport etc.).  The final amount allocated will be dependent on distance travelled.   


Artists applying to the Studio Quantum artist-in-residence programme should: 

  • Be based in one of the following project locations: Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Nigeria, India (States of Karnataka and Kerala) or South Africa. One artist will be selected to represent each location.
  • Have an interest in technology and innovation, demonstrated through previous work.   
  • Be established in their practice.   
  • Be interested in learning about or developing their understanding of quantum technologies.   
  • Be motivated to work with experts and partners in cultural, educational and tech sectors.   
  • Contribute to a new global network of experts, cultural partners, scientist and artists to share their findings/work in a professional setting.   
  • Participate in one event (format tbc – interview, presentation, discussion etc) as part of their residency.   
  • The artists selected should be willing to participate in or contribute to a project showcase in Germany in November 2024. For the artists participating in the residencies in autumn 2024, this can include remote participation and presentation of preliminary findings.   
  • Be proficient in English (C1)   
To foster international exchange and enhance the sustainability of this programme we ask that only artists with an official place of residence in the participating countries apply to Studio Quantum. 
The Goethe-Institut and Studio Quantum are committed to offering equal access, opportunity and outcomes to all potential applicants regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, civil or family status, religion, age, disability, race or cultural and/or socio-economic backgrounds.  


The following documents and materials should be prepared for the Studio Quantum application:  

1. A short proposal outlining the focus of the residency time and what you would hope to achieve, research, develop or create. 
2. Indicate which theme your proposal aligns with the most:   
  • Quantum technologies, sustainability and climate change.  
  • Quantum technologies and artificial intelligence.   
  • Quantum technologies, data security and data encryption.   
  • Wildcard 
3. An indication of the preferred residency location (Number one is the first choice, then number two, and so on. E.g., 1. Lagos, 2. Karlsruhe 3. Dublin).Artists should fill out all three locations.
4. A proposed production budget of up to 3000 EUR for the residency period relating to the outline above that covers any materials required.  
5. An up-to-date C.V. including links to websites and previous work. 
We kindly ask for the following documents to be submitted in the form of one continuous PDF document (max. 4 pages in total).  
  • Artist CV + artist bio – max 2 pages 
  • Artist Proposal + Budget – max 2 pages
  • You will be prompted to create a profile on below for link. 
Please note:   
  • Submitting a proposed production budget does not guarantee that all costs will be covered.   
  • Location preferences will be taken into consideration but cannot be guaranteed.   
  • All proposals should be original concepts and ideas. 


The jury will be announced in early 2024. 
Proposals will be assessed by an international jury of experts under the following criteria:  

1. Does the applicant meet all the required criteria? 20%                                                                     
  • Is the artist established in their practice? (4) 
  • Is the artist proficient in English (C1)  (4) 
  • Is the artist available to participate in during the aforementioned timeframes?  (4) 
  • Has the artist demonstrated previous work involving technology? (Either a subject matter or medium) (4) 
  • Does the proposal align with the project themes? See point 3.2 above. (4) 
2. The proposal 60% 
  • Does the proposal include an interdisciplinary and innovative approach?  (20) 
  • Does the proposal indicate how the artistic work can be developed with or about quantum technologies?  (20) 
  • Has the applicant demonstrated how their work or practice would benefit from the residency? (20) 
3. Budget 20%  
  • Is the budget proportionate in relation to the proposal and the two-month time period? (20) 
Please note:
To ensure a fair and equal process for all, canvassing will disqualify candidates from the selection process. If an artist declines the invitation for a location, the opportunity will be offered to the next artist on the list compiled by the jury.    



12.01.2024 - 11.02.2024  Open Call
11.02.2024 DEADLINE for all applications at midnight GMT (UTC±0).
19.02. - 17.03.2024 Jury reviews applications
18.03 - 28.03.2024  Artists offered residencies and can accept until 28.03.2024



Travel is a key component of this residency. Full virtual participation in this residency is not possible however, artists interested in exploring hybrid models (e.g. 50% in-person and 50% online) should contact the Studio Quantum project team.  
Unfortunately, it is not possible to accommodate multiple artists or artist collectives in this residency

Please contact if you have any questions about the application or nomination process.  
Previous event recordings, articles and podcasts can be found here:  
Instagram: @studioquantum_


What is the deadline for applications? 

The deadline for all applications is 11.02.2024 at midnight GMT (UTC±0).

Artists from which countries are eligible to apply for the 2024 residency programme? 

Artists based in Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Nigeria, India (States of Karnataka and Kerala) & South Africa. 

Can an artist collective and/or duo apply?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications by artist duos for the 2024 Open Call.

Is there an artist's fee supplementary to this programme as well as the production budget, or is the production budget envisaged to include a fee for the participant's time? 

Artists will receive an honorarium as part of their Studio Quantum residency.

What sort of artwork has come out of previous Studio Quantum residencies? 

You can find further details on the programme on our website. The 2023 artists are currently still working on their projects. We do not require a completed work. The focus is rather on the interdisciplinary exchange and how this can enrich the artist’s proposed project.  

How does the travel portion of the residency work exactly. Which countries can I apply to?  

Artists can apply to all residency locations listed. The online application form asks you to list your three preferred locations. The idea is that selected artists will travel to one of their top three choices for a minimum of 4-8 weeks during their residency.  

If I were interested in the Studio Quantum London residency, which you say is aimed particularly at writers and/or poets, why would I have to also choose two other locations and possibly end up in Mexico, for instance, where the residency is not aimed particularly at writers and/or poets? 

The idea is that artists indicate their top three residency locations.  
If your application focuses on literature, we will of course aim to match you with a location where this focus is supported as well, should you be selected.  
Please note:  
Location preferences will be taken into consideration but cannot be guaranteed. 

I am unfortunately not qualified to apply as I currently reside outside of the designated countries. Would it be possible to sit in on or receive recordings from meetings with scientists/experts?  

We aim to record as many events as possible. Please visit our website for past recordings and podcasts.
Follow us online to stay up to date:  
Instagram: @studioquantum_ 

Is it possible to apply with an existing work to further develop it as part of the Studio Quantum programme? 

This is possible once the application clearly states that the residency funds will only be used for further development of the existing work in the spirit of the Studio Quantum programme. It is also important that the intellectual property of the existing work lies solely with the artist. 
Can the funding of €3000 be staggered? Or is it possible to apply for additional funds from other institutions to implement the project? 

It is important that the original project is implemented solely through the Studio Quantum programme. Any extensions after the residency has been completed, with the involvement of additional donors, can be examined in individual cases. Not all institutions/companies are approved by the Goethe-Institut for such collaborations.  

What could a cost breakdown look like? An example would be helpful as the budget of €3000 is very small and I am thinking about how it can be used most effectively for the residency. 

For now, a rough list of material costs and other costs for implementation is sufficient. You can also specify which project steps can/should be implemented with the given budget and what could be implemented if additional funds are raised. 

Unfortunately, we discovered the call for proposals at very short notice and don’t know whether we will be able to submit the concept by the deadline. Hence the question: will there be the same call again next year? 

Unfortunately, at this point we can not confirm that a similar call will be launched next year. If you would like to stay up to date follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter.

Everytime I try to apply it says update browser.

Our IT department has advised that you might need to clear the cache after updating your browser.  


Applications are now closed.  

Due to a high number of applications the evaluation process is still ongoing. We thank you for your patience and will be in contact with applicants as soon as possible. 

Graphic showing the logos of all partners listed in text above © Goethe-Institut Irland