Having spent the last 6 years of his life dedicated to his craft, Fauxe continuously strives to push the boundaries of his own musical endeavours. Supporting the format of freeform music, his ideas stream from genres to feelings to colours and sounds. You will never know what to expect from him. He is affiliated with Chinabot's roster of pan-Asian producers and beat makers, Singapore’s Phyla label, and Kuala Lumpur’s Saturday Selects, who aim to support and document the young and upcoming music scene from around South East Asia and the world.
His 2015 EP, titled Huh Fuck Another Beat Tape, sampled recently dug up recordings of Singaporean tracks from the 60s, creating incredibly melodic grooves by “twisting them in a Dilla-like fashion” (Bandwagon Asia). The EP was produced and recorded within 24 hours, using only the first takes from contributing rappers Mediocre Haircut Crew.
In 2018, Fauxe produced another album that sonically mines the rich musical histories of Singapore and Malaysia. Titled Ikhlas, the release samples from a catchy collage of Malaysian music including lounge crooners, overproduced 2000’s pop, and folk songs, underlaying them with funk, breakbeat, dance, jungle and drum n bass rhythms. According to Tiny Mixtapes: “The end result from these 16 rudimentary, no-nonsense tracks is like exhaust fumes mixing with incense, while blinding neon signage and glass walls fill spaces between multi-directional foot traffic.”