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Nusasonic in BlackKaijXtra

BlackKajiXtra: Nusasonic spanned two-days from 20–21 July 2019 in Singapore, with daytime programme of panels and workshop, and night-time concerts. The Singapore special (of monthly concert series BlackKaji) introduced new musicians (Horizon99, Amazon Sun and Pupa) to the Nusasonic journey and deepened the intra-regional dialogues on experimental sound and music cultures.

About Nusasonic in BlackKajiXtra

Fauxe Yogya 2018 Arcadaz Speakeasy © Doni Maulistya


Experience powerful concerts and explore new collaborations as performed during the Nusasonic festival in Yogyakarta



Nadah el Shazly ©Nadah el Shazly

Nadah el Shazly

Starting out singing Misfits covers in a local punk band, Cairo’s Nadah el Shazly has since been making a name for herself in the city’s underground scene by producing her own electronic tracks. Her debut album, Ahwar (2017), emerged via Nawa Recordings, a label run by Khyam Allami that focuses on Middle Eastern artists.

Amazon Sun ©

Amazon Sun

Phitthaya Phaefuang, also known as Sun, was born in Thailand, and then moved to Norway when he was 3 years old. He graduated from Oslo National Academy of the arts in 2011, with a bachelor in modern and contemporary dance.

Fauxe © Fauxe


His 2015 EP, titled Huh Fuck Another Beat Tape, sampled recently dug up recordings of Singaporean tracks from the 60s, creating incredibly melodic grooves by “twisting them in a Dilla-like fashion” (Bandwagon Asia). The EP was produced and recorded within 24 hours, using only the first takes from contributing rappers Mediocre Haircut Crew.

Gabber Modus Operandi ©

Gabber Modus Operandi

Gabber Modus Operandi was accidentally founded by Kasimyn and Ican Harem following their fad staging at an underground punk concert in Denpasar. After some DJ- and MC-ing, Kasimyn began producing tracks for the duo using the smallest musical instrument: the Mini Synth Teenage Engineering OP-1, while Ican Harem provides vocals and joke-filled improvisation.

Rot Front ©Rot Front

ROT FRONT and A(;D (aka Aiyu Jelly)

ROT FRONT and A(;D (aka Aiyu Jelly) are co-founders and current organizers of Horizon99, a broadcast series using the party as form, the club as situation, music as binder.

Jessica Ekomane © Silje Nes

Jessica Ekomane

Berlin-based musician and installation artist Jessica Ekomane creates situations in which sound functions as a form of catharsis. Her work intersperses noise and melody, playing with listeners’ perception of rhythmic structures and seeking to transform the space between sound and audience.

Rully Shabara ©Rully Shabara

Rully Shabara

Born in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, Rully Shabara is interested in exploring oral traditions, folkloric texts, and the human voice as a medium of creation. Shabara is perhaps best-known internationally for his work as one-half of duo Senyawa (with Wukir Suryadi), where he explores the limits of the vocal range and vocal textures. As a solo artist, he has releases on labels dualpLOVER, Morphine Records, and Yes No Wave Music.

Setabuhan ©Setabuhan


Setabuhan is a project created by Rully Shabara in 2017. In essence, it is a modern reinvention of tribal trance music delivered by the pure muscle and stamina of two heavy percussionists (Ramberto Agozalie and Caesarking), with voice (Rully Shabara) as the only other instrument. The project is originally inspired by the monotonous and interlocking beats of the ancient Central Sulawesian ritual, Balia; a dance associated with animism and sacred objects, particularly relating to traditional medicine used to treat someone who is affected by evil spirits.


The Observatory

The Observatory –a name that may suggest passive objectivity, but which really describes a band whose music is an impassioned response to the society it is enmeshed in. A world where politics have failed us, power and greed rule us, and hate and ignorance divide us.

Kasimyn ©


Originally from a ghetto in North Jakarta, and now a resident in Southern Bali, Kasimyn has been cited by Fact magazine stylistically as “a mayhem of anti-aesthetic fun”. He has also been featured in Boiler Room’s Pure Rave Article and contributed a mix for its’ Global Hard Dance Mix no 9.

Pupa ©


Pupa (pronounced "Poo-PAH") is a 2-piece electronic band comprised of Wu Jun Han and Zeekos Perakos. Formed in 2013 by chance, Pupa was interwoven at a transitionary phase for both individuals.

Nuh Peace © Nuh Peace

Nuh Peace

Bangkok-based NúÚ P3A☭3 combines fashion, performance, video, and party settings. Their work represents the soundscapes of contemporary neoliberal capitalism, often inspired by the music of the marginalized working class and queer culture, from deconstructed club to saiyor music (Bangkok motorbike gang music).

Horizon99 ©Horizon99


ROT FRONT and A(;D (aka Aiyu Jelly) are co-founders and current organizers of Horizon99, a broadcast series using the party as form, the club as situation, music as binder.

Cari Padu ©

Cari Padu

Conducted by Rully Shabara (Senyawa, ZOO, Setabuhan) and originally commissioned for Biennale Jogja 13, Cari Padu is a public choir formed with the intention of mocking how society is governed, in pursuit of awareness and harmony to achieve universal love.