Dangerdope is a project by DJ Rencong, a native of the Aceh province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Dangerdope blends hip hop, instrumental music, soul, funk, jazz, drum n bass, and jungle, layering them with sound bites from movies, talk shows, conversations, old vinyl, and many other clips into a rich sound collage. He is a prolific collaborator with local rappers from diverse regions of Indonesia, including Joe Millions (Papua), Buzzdome (Aceh), Ghost (Ambon), and Jare Fundamental (Medan).
Dangerdope began his career in 2001 by DJing for the hip hop Angkatan Udara. Since 2007 he has been one half of Dynomonk, in which he performs live with an Akai MPC 1000 together with the artist Jedimonk. He is also part of the Jalan Surabaya project, together with MC Belal from Surabaya and Unkle Ho from Australia, and most recently is working on EVILDOPE with eonecronik from Bandung, Indonesia.
The artist is furthermore part of a collaborative film project titled “Amuk,” where he mixed sounds and songs clips with words by Indonesian prolific poet Sutardji Chalzoum Bachri. His 2018 Boombap EP, released by Uprock83 Records, is a remix project using sounds, dialogue, and music clips from “Gejolak Kawula Muda,” an 80s movie that introduced breakdancing and hip hop for the first time in Indonesia.
Dangerdope constantly builds on his sampling skills, taking rare and unheard pieces of music and reworking them into phrases for his tracks. Many of his tracks feature dozens of samples. He famously sampled Indonesian composers Broery Marantika, Bob Tutupoli, The Brims, A. Rijanto, and Lilies Suryani among others.

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