Madam Bwakewa x extreme meth in my bloodstream

Madam Bwakewa x extreme meth in my bloodstream©
Madam Bwakeva as The Karaoke Superstar is essentially rooted from the magic charm of BOHOVEE; the grand alter ego of Martin de Mesa. Martin is a Filipino Interdisciplinary Artist who has core practices in performance art, addressing issues about BOHOVEE. Over the last few years, he has presented his live performances and video works at various international platforms including: the Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 2014, "The Return of Ghosts" (Taipei), Video Stage - Art Stage 2014 (Singapore), Skowhegan Artist Residency 2015 (Maine/ USA), P-Noise Arts Festival 2015 (Copenhagen / Denmark), and Tua-Tiu-Tiann Arts Festival 2017/ "Queen Me" project  (Taipei/ Taiwan).

Collaborator is explodingassholes deepanalprobe backwards in real life forever in character as a microslut bebesorrybebe miracle that combines the sound the spirit of the glass makes, plus the rainbowmagicsparkles xrated sexts producing crystal crop circle recordings from crybabycyborgs, highschool dramas, teenage angst bootycalls, and wannabe ufo sightings kaleidolooped multiple times. Its like a 123cyberspecie glow in the dark goosebumps that melts in your mouth blends in your skin already rashing from food allergies, scabbing and spells out freak in sharp teeth morphs into kills me to the bones kind of ketchup horror movie fantasy.