Common Tonalities

Common Tonalities is a project that explores Southeast Asian tuning systems and scales through modern music technologies for the creation of new music. We invite participants to a series of workshops, led by Khyam Allami, that focus on the subject of tuning and the cultural biases in music technologies, the practical analysis of tuning systems of Southeast Asian music based on published resources and archival recordings, and how to use them in various creative musical processes.

About Common Tonalities

Tuning In / Sounding Off

30.10.2021 | 5 PM Singapore: Tuning In / Sounding Off

30.10.2021 | 5 PM Singapore
Panel discussion: Discussion on Southeast Asian musical tuning systems with Joe Peters (SG), Khyam Allami (UK/IQ), Ros Phoasavadi (TH), Shzr Ee Tan (SG/UK)

Podiumsdiskussion: Tuning In / Sounding Off


Interested artists and practitioners are invited to apply by 31 October 2021.



Khyam Allami © 2015 Johanne Issa

Khyam Allami

Khyam Allami (born in Damascus 1981) is an Iraqi-British multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, researcher and founder of Nawa Recordings. Primarily a performer of the Oud, his artistic research focuses on the development of contemporary and experimental repertoire based on the fundamentals of Arabic music, with a focus on tuning and microtonality.