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Cari Padu | International

Conducted by Rully Shabara (Senyawa, ZOO, Setabuhan) and originally commissioned for Biennale Jogja 13, Cari Padu is a public choir formed with the intention of mocking how society is governed, in pursuit of awareness and harmony to achieve universal love. Cari Padu is a reflection of how political parties and mass organizations conduct their campaigns - from gaining votes, carrying out meetings, to actually make their voices heard, except all of those are done literally. All voices, including that of the anarchists will be heard. No voice is better than the other.

Participants will (un)learn the precepts of language and musicality, allowing one to be introduced to an open palette of vocalizations. In the form of a choir, a work will be devised collectively, making use of structured improvisation and freeform expression.