There is fine art, with its highly elite conceptualizations and strict inclinations towards the academic on the one hand, and on the other end, there is folk art, which takes inspiration from popular culture or pop art. And then there is the void after a plane wherein ideas and concepts are not ruled by preconceived notions of existing schools of thought nor by laid down standards. This is where Elemento exists and functions. 

Elemento is driven by the primal concept of creation. The group is a multi-disciplinary art collective that is spear-headed by Lirio Salvador, a visual assemblage / sound artist. Salvador creates sound sculptures cum musical instruments out of metal pipes, stainless steel, bicycle parts and other industrial materials. These sound sculptures are used by the group in their sound art/musical performances and are sometimes seen hanging on display at different museums and art galleries. 

The concept behind Salvador’s sound sculptures, called ìsandataî or weapon, is in line with the idea of creating something out of what is given and readily available or adaptable. It’s very much in the same native tradition of adapting to one’s surroundings, although it just so happened that Salvador is adapting to the eternal now. The materials and even the concepts that Salvador works with are actually indigenous but stem from a modern industrialized setting. In this sense, Salvador is almost like a modern native, a techno tribal shaman and the Elemento collective a career tribal commune: existing, adapting, creating, and functioning in an industrialized tribal setting, guided by instinct and primal tendencies. But more than anything else for Salvador and the other kindred spirits who share his vision, Elemento is more than just a collective: it is a state of mind and a way of life. Everything else is just incidental.

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