Ignaz Schick

Ignaz Schick©
Turntablist, sound artist, composer, curator and visual artist, Ignaz Schick first began musical training with the saxophone, and performed in free jazz and avant rock bands. He got obsessed with multitrack tape machines, record players, and effect boxes and started experimenting with many different instruments and sound making devices. After college he briefly studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and worked for several years as an assistant for contemporary composer Josef Anton Riedl.

Since 1995 he lives and works in Berlin, where he became an active force of the so-called "Berlin Nouvelle Vague" and the experimental music scene. He has been also prolific as curator (Festival f¸r Andere Musik, Erase & Reset, Time Shifts, TITO, Echtzeitmusiktage 2010, Circuit Training Festival, Flux Festival, ...) and runs the experimental music label Zarek.

Schick has toured worldwide, released music on several labels like Absinth, Boomslang Records, Charhizmha, Irrah, Le Petit Mignon, Mikroton, Nexsound, Non Visual Objects, Potlatch, Staalplaat and his own imprint Zarek, and collaborated with more than a hundred international sonic artists - amongst others with such icons as Mwata Bowden, Don Cherry, Douglas Ewart, Sven-Ake Johansson, Paul Lovens, Toshi Nakamura, and Charlemagne Palestine. In parallel to his experimental music and performance practice he has created sound installations, experimental objects, visual collages, text scores, concrete poetry, graphic scores and drawings.

Since 2017 he has received several travel, research, and composition stipends for writing new pieces and researching the local scenes (Paris, South-East-Asia, Los Angeles, Istanbul). In 2018 he has developed a new audiovisual solo program for turntables and live-video "FFK [Form Farbe Klang]" which is based on numerous manipulated and collaged vinyl works dating from 1988-2018. In 2019 he extended his research travels to Asia giving concerts, lectures, and workshops.

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