Noisebath PH is a loose collective of noise and experimental artists based in Metro Manila. Started by Ryan Pangilinan (Hibernation) as an online platform for experimental artists to share their works and discuss things about experimental sound art and everything in between. Later on, members became a group of misfits doing studio shows and guerrilla noise gigs which feature both local and foreign artists.

Noisebath members that performed at WSK 2019 were: Lush Death: a harsh noise artist meant to be experienced, not talked about. Sex Makina: a bomba-themed noisegrind project with a tightening blend of harsh noise and watery vocals. Its members consists of 3 worldly connosieurs of carnal desires, hell-bent on spewing lewdness in a society filled with closeted sex freaks bound by guilt. This 3-piece act combines sleazy samples taken from oldschool bold films, dirty bass-lines and cybernetic drums held together with a pan. Sigalot.pjx: a post cut-up noise and overcast electronics artist from Manila. Sonderkommando: a power electronics act from Pasay City that pay homage to seminal acts such as Ramleh, and incorporate some elements of harsh industrial. Sonderkommando's style and aesthetics reek of the worst qualities of man in one of the darkest periods in human history; the perils of war and genocide in the 20th century. Always on the side of the oppressed, the act has sometimes been misunderstood, likely owing to its rather vague use of terms and its extreme political imagery.

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