Mark Rambo J Macatangay, aka Rambo, is an electronic hobbyist, analogue synth builder, music maker, and noise artist, based in Bocaue, Bulacan in the Phillippines.

Using self-built music machines as modular synths, effects pedals, and circuit-bent instruments, Rambo’s musical arsenal is comprised of an array of electro-acoustic oddities. His instruments are built using recycled cheap and low-cost materials, or what he terms “dirtronics.” 

In 2016, Rambo first started participating in Manila’s WSK Festival of the Recently Possible, where he has been conducting workshops for the past few years. He performed at the inaugural Noisebath Philippines in 2016, and is a resident of Ruthless Collective, who conduct an experimental noise and sound performance once a month. Rambo has been involved in the Art Fair Philippines (2017), and joined the Neo Angono artist collective in the Manila Biennale (2018).