Syafiatudina© Kafana Fityah Kayla Taqiyya
Syafiatudina, or Dina for short, has been developing her curatorial practice at the intersection of art and the politics of organizing. She works as writer, curator, and member of KUNCI Study Forum & Collective in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where she is notably involved in the School of Improper Education, a lifelong project on studying about study. 

KUNCI Study Forum & Collective inhabits a precarious position of neither belonging to existing disciplinary boundaries while simultaneously aiming at expanding them. The collective’s membership is open and voluntary, and is so far based on an affinity for creative experimentation and speculative inquiry, with focus on intersections between theory and practice. Since its founding in 1999, KUNCI has been deeply preoccupied with critical knowledge production and sharing through means of media publication, cross-disciplinary encounter, research-action, artistic intervention, and vernacular education within and across community spaces.

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