Nusasonic: Gather, Share, Evolve

The Nusasonic: Gather Share Evolve series aims to intensify capacity building and knowledge sharing among music and sound artists in Southeast Asia via a series of online panel discussions and workshops.

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With a style seemingly forged by the chaotic cultural mish-mash of the internet, aya (fka LOFT) is equally at home mashing up the dance, unleashing pop-tinged tearjerkers, and shouting at unwitting audience members.

Bani Haykal

Bani Haykal

Bani Haykal experiments with text + music. As an artist and musician, Bani considers music as material, and his projects revolve around human-machine intimacies through various forms of interfacing and interaction. He is a member of b-quartet.

Dayang Yraola © Grace buenaventura

Dayang Yraola

Dayang Yraola is a curator from Manila. She was Archivist and Collections Manager of the University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology from 2007-2015.

Eileen Chan © Eileen Chan

Eileen Chan

Eileen is one-half of The Council, a collective dedicated to promoting music from Singapore, Asia, and beyond. She is also the driving force behind three of Singapore’s most exciting alternative music venues and nightclubs: Headquarters, TUFF CLUB, and Somewhere.

EmmaWarren-credit-Camilla-Greenwell-Wellcome-Collection CC-BY-NC

Emma Warren

Emma Warren has been documenting grassroots music culture since she and her friends started Jockey Slut magazine in the mid 1990s.

Frktl-2021- Martins Rokis


FRKTL is the solo experimental project of British-Egyptian interdisciplinary artist Sarah Badr. A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, she works with live sampling and improvisation, vocal manipulation, field recordings, and generative rhythms to compose intensely emotive and immersive explorations of sound.

Interspecifics © Interspecifics


Interspecifics are an independent artistic research bureau founded in Mexico City in 2013. They have focused their research on the use of sound and AI, to explore patterns emerging from biosignals and the morphology of different living organisms as a potential form of non-human communication. With this aim, they have developed a collection of experimental research and education tools they call Ontological Machines. 

Joe Kidd © Joe Kidd

Joe Kidd

Joe Kidd is a writer, designer, underground music activist, and youth subculture archivist. One of the pioneers of the punk subculture in Malaysia, he has been actively involved in the country’s underground music scene since its nascent beginnings. 

similarobjects creative 3d HEADSHOT 3D headshot courtesy of the artist.

Jorge Wieneke V

Jorge Juan B. Wieneke (AKA similarobjects) is an electronic music educator and musician from Manila, Philippines.

Kasimyn ©


Originally from a ghetto in North Jakarta, and now a resident in Southern Bali, Kasimyn has been cited by Fact magazine stylistically as “a mayhem of anti-aesthetic fun”. He has also been featured in Boiler Room’s Pure Rave Article and contributed a mix for its’ Global Hard Dance Mix no 9.

Khyam Allami © 2015 Johanne Issa

Khyam Allami

Khyam Allami (born in Damascus 1981) is an Iraqi-British multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, researcher and founder of Nawa Recordings. Primarily a performer of the Oud, his artistic research focuses on the development of contemporary and experimental repertoire based on the fundamentals of Arabic music, with a focus on tuning and microtonality.

Kyaw Kyaw © djavanshir

Kyaw Kyaw

Kyaw Kyaw is the co-founder and lead singer of Rebel Riot, a punk band from Yangon, Myanmar. The band was formed in 2007 after the onset of the Saffron Revolution. Rebel Riot want to use music as a way to speak about freedom and the errors of the current political system.

Lafidki ©


Lafidki is the moniker of London-based Saphy Vong, who has been releasing experimental electronic music since 2008. The London-based sound/visual artist is also founder of Chinabot, a platform and collective created to change the dialogue surrounding Asian music. 

Leee Anantawat © Leee Anantawat

Leee Anantawat

Unchalee Anantawat (Leee) is a lecturer in Communication Design at the School of Architecture and Design, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT).

Morgan Sully © Ibu Miri
Germany / USA

Morgan Sully

Morgan Sully is a Berlin-based American artist, musician, and organizer with Indonesian roots. A recent native to Indonesian collective Soydivision, he co-develops theatrical formats to build deeper empathy, collective strength, and appreciation for people’s stories. 

Nuraini Juliastuti © by Andy Fuller

Nuraini Juliastuti

Nuraini Juliastuti is a trans-local practising researcher and writer focusing on art organisation, activism, illegality, and alternative cultural production. Juliastuti co-founded KUNCI Study Forum & Collective in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in 1999. 

Penwadee Nophaket Manont

Penwadee Nophaket Manont

Penwadee Nophaket Manont lives and works in Bangkok. She was part of the curatorial team at The Jim Thompson Art Center from 2007-2012, after which her practices as a freelance curator and cultural worker have shifted to socio-political issues. She is founder of Rai.D Collective, co-founder of Project-PRY, and currently Managing Director at Southeast Asia Fiction Film Lab (SEAFIC).

Olivia Jack
Colombia / Germany

Olivia Jack

Olivia Jack is a programmer and artist who works frequently with open-source software, cartography, live coding, and experimental interfaces.

Operation Hanoi Hannah

Operation Hanoi Hannah

Inspired by Hanoi Hannah, the nickname given to the woman who became famous among US soldiers for her propaganda broadcasts on Radio Hanoi during the Vietnam War, the anonymous collective Operation Hanoi Hannah records, engineers and disseminates audio materials for their ongoing psychological warfare against the terrorist dogs (the Myanmar military junta and their allies) who continue to mercilessly oppress and murder the people of Myanmar.

Queer Ear Mastering © Credit Irma Fadhila

Queer Ear Mastering

Queer Ear Mastering was born from the necessity to create a safer space for female and queer artists to get their music mastered, though they are not exclusive and everyone is welcome.

Radio Tropiezo © Radio Tropiezo

Radio Tropiezo

Radio Tropiezo is one of the many sounds emitted by Cooperativa Crater Invertido, a Mexico City-based collective founded in 2011.

Reem Shadid

Reem Shadid

Reem Shadid is a cultural organizer, researcher, and curator. Her show for Radio Alhara, Listening with Reem Shadid constitutes monthly listening sessions with artists, researchers, and curators working at the intersection of sonic, visual, and literary productions.

Rully Shabara ©Rully Shabara

Rully Shabara

Born in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, Rully Shabara is interested in exploring oral traditions, folkloric texts, and the human voice as a medium of creation. Shabara is perhaps best-known internationally for his work as one-half of duo Senyawa (with Wukir Suryadi), where he explores the limits of the vocal range and vocal textures. As a solo artist, he has releases on labels dualpLOVER, Morphine Records, and Yes No Wave Music.

Salem © Salem


Salem is an artist, composer, and head of Bedouin Records (BDN), an independent music, art, and fashion label he founded in 2014. After having moved around different home bases in Europe and Asia, BDN has settled in Bangkok in 2019.

Sandria Komalasari

Sandria Komalasari

Sandria Komalasari is an Indonesian writer, editor, and researcher with deep interests in the history of consciousness, violence of memory, youth culture, and social movements. She is also the person behind Nirkind, her solo audio project started after decades of reluctance to create her own music project; and part of Batoe, a handmade jewelry line she crafted with her girlfriends.



Syafiatudina, or Dina for short, has been developing her curatorial practice at the intersection of art and the politics of organizing. She works as writer, curator, and member of KUNCI Study Forum & Collective in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where she is notably involved in the School of Improper Education, a lifelong project on studying about study. 

Wok the Rock © Wok the Rock

Wok the Rock

An artist and curator that is active across the fields of contemporary art, design and music, Wok The Rock is a member of artist collective Ruang MES 56 in Yogyakarta, runs the music label Yes No Wave Music, curates a monthly experimental music concert series named Yes No Klub, and has initiated the Indonesia Netaudio Forum, among other.

Ziad Nawfal © by Tanya Traboulsi

Ziad Nawfal

Ziad Nawfal is a DJ, radio host, music promoter, and producer based in Beirut. He has spent the better part of the last 25 years exposing Lebanon and the world to the country’s local and regional independent music talent, thanks to his long-running radio shows Ruptures and Décalages on Radio-Lebanon 96.2FM.