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Habibi Kiosk Venice

Habibi Kiosk @ Münchner Kammerspiele Foto (Zuschnitt): © Susanne Traub
With: Robert Andreasch, Nabila Abdel Aziz, Anna Clara Basilicò, Maddalena Gretel Cammeli, Est Coulon, Marialuisa CapursoCIBO, Extragarbo, Cosimo Ferrigolo, Gaia Ginevra GiorgiGiusy Guadagno, JISR, Edoardo Lazzari, Rania MleihiRadio Papesse, Gina Penzkofer, Paola Pisciottano, Sebastian Reier, Leonardo SchifinoTheresa SchlichtherleHavin al Sindy, Andrea VagnoniJulian Volz, DJ Rano & DJ Booty

Research of the Habibi Team in Venice from: October 25, 2021
Opening Habibi Kiosk Venice: November 1, 2021, 6 pm

The Habibi Kiosk is open and can be entered according to the current Covid rules.
Habibi Kiosk Venice Program Please download the full program of Habibi Kiosk Venice with detailed information here:

Habibi Kiosk Venice Program

Please download the full program of Habibi Kiosk Venice here

The Habibi Kiosk is a space for many perspectives, a window of the theatre to the city.  Concerts, exhibitions, city talks, music, performances - together with the Goethe-Institut, the Münchner Kammerspiele research the question of how a community with active participation functions in a city.

For Goethe-Institut/ Performing Architecture, the Habibi Kiosk is moving from Munich to Venice for 2 weeks. Beyond the city limits of Munich and Venice and back again, Habibi Venice would like to explore places and regions where diverse borders merge and life stories meet.

The kiosk in Munich asks: Who or what is the city? The same thing happens in Venice: whose stories are not told or not told enough - whose perspectives are missing in the narrative of the city? A space for encounters is created. In addition to negotiating the present, the kiosk is a place of speculation. What will coexistence and togetherness look like in the futur - now that we've already met. How do artistic voices express themselves elsewhere, which themes connect us and how do they become visible? How do we form new alliances beyond what society seems to have in store for us? And what resistance do they have to withstand - inside and outside? The question of access is negotiated in the Habibi Kiosk - who has the key to the city?

Habibi Kiosk Logo Münchner Kammerspiele Logo Landeshauptstadt München


Comitato No Grandi Navi

Castello 5847 , 30122 Venice


Language: English, Italian
Admission: Free entry (we refer to the currently applicable Covid rules at all events)
Radio, Talk, Concert, Exhibition, Performance

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