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The film is a diverse tribute to the country of Myanmar and a realistic depiction of its natural wonders and problems: an ‘ecological cautionary tale’. This is most evident in the third chapter, which highlights the major problem of overfishing and destruction of the country's marine environment. The film offers a special view of the Moken. The Moken are an indigenous people of the Mergui archipelago. Hunters and gatherers who live in harmony with their environment and are now at risk, as they only count about two thousand individuals. The film shows their traditions, their nomadic life at sea and the maritime environment, which is increasingly endangered these days.

Sustainable Development Goals

11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
14 - Life below Water
15 - Life on Land

  • Categories Natural Science, Life Science & Technology

  • Director Sandor Poppinga
  • Produced by Robin Kersten
  • Running Time 41:21 minutes
  • Country Austria, Myanmar
  • Year 2019

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