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Film Selection 2020

Science Film Festival 2020 - Trailer
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The Science Film Festival presents a wide assortment of films in the following five categories to serve all age groups, but with a focus on content for young audiences:

  • Family Edutainment
  • Ecology & Environment
  • Natural Science, Life Science & Technology
  • Non-Verbal & Science Shorts
  • Culture & History
The Science Film Festival presented 92 films from 24 countries as the international official selection in 2020. Please note the screening selection varied in participating countries, so please select your country of interest for the local selection.

The official selection 2021 and further information on the festival in participating countries this year will be announced on the website at the end of August.

We invite filmmakers, producers, distributors and broadcasters to submit films through our online application form until April 2, 2021.


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Theme of the year 2021: Health and Wellbeing

Participating Films

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