Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

Sky Islands: A Time Travel in the Andes Mountains

University and General Public (17+ years)

The film tells an ecological chapter in the history of the northern Andes in South America. The current anthropogenic global warming affects not only humans, but also other species and inhabitants of the earth. 3D animation, time-lapse photography and film footage visualize how an extraordinary ecosystem called the Páramo, a refuge of unique diversification and a hotspot of biodiversity, took at least two million years of evolution to form. The visualization opens a door to travel from the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene as a first step toward opening minds to the importance of biodiversity.

Sustainable Development Goals

11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
13 - Climate Action
15 - Life on Land

  • Categories Ecology and Environment

  • Director Catalina Giraldo
  • Produced by Catalina Giraldo, Suzette Flantua and Henry Hooghiemstra with support by Hugo de Vries Fonds/NUFFIC
  • Running Time 13:53 minutes
  • Country Colombia, Netherlands
  • Year 2020

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