5th Edition
The Goethe-Institut Pakistan in partnership with TDF’s MagnifiScience Centre (MSC) successfully organized screening sessions
for the Science Film Festival 2023, featuring international films aligning with the theme “Reimagine, Recreate, Restore”
in support of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030). The festival commenced with a
grand opening ceremony held on October 31, 2023, at MSC, witnessing the enthusiastic participation of nearly 300 teachers
and students.

The opening ceremony proved to be a tremendous success, with students from Dawood Public School and Karachi High
School engaging in table experiments covering diverse topics such as food and seed diversity, renewable energy, a sustainable
world, bio-plastics, and rain harvesting. The event’s culmination featured the screening of the Pakistani film ‘A Cry
from the Mountains,’ shedding light on the challenges faced by the people in the northern areas due to global warming,
leading to the melting of glaciers and the loss of natural habitats in the valleys.

MSC dedicated 8 weeks to screening these films, attracting an audience of 5,970 students from 57 different schools, colleges,
private institutions, and universities. The films were carefully selected to cater to specific grade levels. Each screening
concluded with a comprehensive question-and-answer session, allowing students to share their newfound knowledge
and seek valuable insights from STEM trainers related to the featured topics.
The Science Film Festival 2023 at TDF’s MagnifiScience Centre proved to be an enriching experience, fostering awareness
and understanding among students about crucial environmental issues. The successful combination of engaging films, interactive
experiments, and insightful Q&A sessions created a platform for meaningful learning and discussion. The event aligns
seamlessly with the global efforts to address environmental challenges and underscores the importance of science education
in shaping a sustainable future.

Film Selection 2023

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Over 30 pre-jury members with expertise in science education and science communication in the participating countries and in-depth knowledge of the local target audience are closely involved in the selection process. All films are translated and synchronized or subtitled into local languages where necessary to offer access without language barriers.


Huma Tassawar

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Huma Tassawar

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