The Philippines

​A pre-jury of more than 30 local science education and science communication professionals from the participating countries are closely involved in the selection of the films.

In the Philippines the pre-jury in 2021 consisted of the following members:
John Kristoffer Q. Andres
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre-Jury - Philippines: John Kristoffer Q. Andres

Marine Scientist
Marine Science Institute

JK is a Marine Biologist who loves to travel and explore organisms not visible to the naked eye. He finished his Masters from the Marine Science Institute of the University of the Philippines. Because of his works in Science, he was able to go to different locations, both local and international, through presentations at different conferences. In addition to his lab-life, his passion is to communicate Science to the youth and inspire future generations in taking careers in this field. During his free time, he goes to different places in the Philippines, especially provinces to bring science to the people in cooperation with DOST-SEI programs such as Climate Science Youth Camps and Science Explorer.
His research interests focus on plankton distribution and diversity, specifically harmful algal blooms. He wants to understand further how these toxins produced by microalgae are processed and passed on to organisms on the higher levels of the marine food chain like shellfish.

Dr. Ruby R. Cristobal
Dr. Ruby R. Cristobal

Chief Science Research Specialist Science Education Institute Department of Science and Technology

Dr. Ruby Roan-Cristobal works for the Science Education Institute of the Department of Science and Technology as Chief Science Research Specialist heading the Division which takes charge of STEM promotion among the Filipino youth, research in S&T human resources development and science education, and the Management Information System or MIS of the Institute. She has been involved in the Science Film Festival (SFF) since 2010 as part of the Jury for the Philippine Selection, in developing post-screening science activities, and in engaging partner institutions in the screening of the  selected films.
She is a seasoned science communication professional, a research practitioner, an IT manager, and a science broadcaster. She hosts a weekly  radio program that promotes science and technology to the general public by featuring science news, Filipino scientists, locally developed technologies, educational modules, students who excel in STEM, and other science content.
Her educational background in the natural sciences and communication has provided a good foundation for developing programs that entice the youth to consider STEM as future careers. These programs include science film making competition; robotics and other tech-based projects; and mobile, online and media-based science learning facilities, among others.
She also takes interest in film making and attended an intensive  Cinema Direct Film Making Workshop of the University of the Philippines Film Center in the early part of her career. She served a crucial role in the development and production of a science television program that paved the way for media-based STEM education in the country.

Joseph V. Gutierrez
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre-Jury - Philippines: Joseph V. Gutierrez

Supervising Education Program Specialist Bureau of Curriculum Development Department of Education

Joseph has worked with the Department of Education in various capacities: as a Science Teacher, Science Department Head and most recently, as a Supervising Education Program Specialist. He finished Bachelor of Secondary Education cum laude from Adamson University and MST-Physics from the University of Wyoming on a Fulbright Graduate Student Scholarship. He also participated in the 2009 International Leaders in Education Program at Montana State University-Bozeman.
A classroom teacher for 22 years, he has organized and facilitated several teaching-learning programs and science camps for teachers and students alike.

He owns three telescopes which he uses to propagate community-based astronomy education.

Marielle Eduardo
Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre-Jury - Philippines: Marielle Eduardo

Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Marielle graduated with a bachelor's degree in Physics and masters degree in Astronomy. Currently, she works as a researcher at Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy in Taiwan where she studies the dynamics of the outer Solar System. Marielle’s interest in science stemmed from watching a local science TV show (SineSkwela) as a kid in her hometown in the Philippines. With limited access to internet and cable networks at that time, educational shows from their local television network fueled her growing passion to pursue science. As someone who was inspired by educational films and shows, Marielle is very delighted to be part of this year’s Science Film Festival. She hopes that the audience, kids in particular, will be encouraged by the films just the way she did.