​A pre-jury of more than 30 local science education and science communication professionals from the participating countries are closely involved in the selection of the films.

In Vietnam the pre-jury in 2019 consisted of:
Hoang Duong
Hoang Duong

STEM Trainer

He received his undergraduate degree from Hanoi National University of Education in 2006. As a Former Chairman of Student Union of Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE), Duong has designed and organized, with 18 years of experience, a variety of programs like music shows, talk shows, game shows. Duong is also a facilitator of many teachers training courses for the Ministry of Education and Training. He joined Science Film Festival in 2014. He is an energetic trainer with more than 6,000 training hours for over 50,000 trainees at more than 500 events, courses and seminars. The personal mission of his choice is to inspire people to unleash their full potential and passion.

Do Minh Duc
Do Minh Duc

Skill Teacher

Do Minh Duc is an experienced Skill teacher. He has experience in teaching at many skill centers like Skill Center TGM of Hanoi as the main training specialist of Smart courses - I am Good! You too! ; Art Center Flying FingerCenter - Course "Little Scientists"; skill teacher of junior high school Alpha ... With a youthful and dynamic style and creative and funny speech, Do Minh Duc really became an inspirational companion of children.

Besides, Do Minh Duc is currently managing STEM division of AlphaSchool System. At the same time Minh Duc is an inspirational person, a teacher in STEM Education. With participation in many events such as STEM Vietnam Fair; STEME project of VinGroup.

Do Minh Duc always keeps in mind that: every child has a hidden inner potential.